First things first…


First things first (I’m the realest😂)… No really first I want to thank you for finding my blog! I wanted to start by introducing myself: I’m Amy, nice to meet you! So I’m 18 from Reading in England and currently at university studying Comparative Literature (fancy term for English!).

Starting my blog has been a long time coming but after settling into uni life I have found there is a lot of spare time, and what better way to fill it with than writing?! I’ve wanted to begin for a while but I had never quite built up the courage.

In real life I have tend to have very rosy cheeks and it generally doesn’t take much to make me blush- hence the name! Also I’ll be writing about things I love/ that make me blush (so creative, I know!). My posts will generally be about lifestyle bits and just anything I feel like chatting/ ranting about; I’ll be aiming to upload about twice a week at the beginning but I’m just going to see how it goes!

Feel free to comment your blog below, I’d love to read it!



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