Scrapbooking: Tips and Tricks

Hello, lovelies!

I see scrapbooking as a fun, creative way to record my favourite memories and wanted to share my love for it! I’ve been doing it since 2015 and aim to fill one every year, so am starting my third at the moment. I didn’t think I would stick to it, but I love reminiscing and it’s a good way to be creative whilst being productive. There are no ‘wrong’ ways to scrapbook because they are completely personal, but there are so many different approaches it can be overwhelming. This is my basic approach to scrapbooking, because lets face it I do not have beautifully swirly calligraphy or the money to invest in a full scrapbooking regime. So instead I have created my own little techniques and styles over the years and these are a couple of tips/ products to help you start or develop your scrapbooks:

1. Choosing the scrapbook! This is a big choice- what size? page colour? Do you wanna decorate your own cover? Or already have a patterned one? Do you want pockets and page dividers? Usually when you see the one, you just know. All of mine have been from Paperchase because I really like the designs and they regularly bring out new ones. Also consider what colour scheme you want on the inside and if you want them to match the cover… sounds obsessive I know BUT I got a really brightly covered one then realised I wanted a pastel colour scheme so I took it back! Ugh, the drama haha!

2. How to make it look pretty: Well once you’ve got the actual scrapbook you can look into how you want to decorate the pages. Firstly, I would recommend the ‘Cropping Block’ paper packs from Paperchase which are essentially just pages of coloured paper- they’re only £2.50! These can be used to layer under photos to give them a frame, to write captions on or even create little envelopes to keep trinkets safe. Washi tape is another option for framing- I usually use a mixture of both! I love Washi tape, its basically just pretty tape but it lifts the pages and makes it look more ‘put together’. Again you can get different designs at Paperchase, John Lewis, Hobbycraft and lots of places, especially cute independent craft stores!

3. Photos: I find the best way to get my photos printed is using the app ‘Free Prints’ because you get 45 free every month. There are lots of different sites though and many have voucher codes or offers online. Usually, I accumulate the photos until it is worth paying to print out them in bulk which makes it cheaper when you have to pay for postage and packaging.

4. Using your phone: I find that my phone is one of the key things I need for my scrapbooking, and not just because I use it to take all my photos! I use the ‘Notes’ section to keep an ongoing list of the dates and activities I want to scrapbook so I don’t forget anything. Also creating an ongoing ‘scrapbooking’ photo album, so that you can just add a couple of photos on the way home from a day out, then when you come to print your photos you won’t have missed any. If you want to be super fancy you can edit pictures on your phone, I usually just use ‘Instagram’, even just to edit not just post, or the app VSCO. There are lots of options for editing, some more advanced than others, be careful not to over-do it though because you don’t want your images to become pixelated when printing!

5. Little extras: I use double-sided tape to stick in my photos because it gives the most seamless finish and secures them properly. Glue dots or Pritt Stick are good options too, the glue makes it a bit messier but is probably more cost effective. Also I like to invest in some pretty pens, usually metallic ones that fit my colour scheme! I tend not to write that much other than the title of each page (Date and Place) and maybe a caption or thought from the day. If you are more into the writing then maybe metallic isn’t the best option because it can be a bit smudgey/ difficult to read. Finally, the postcards from Paperchase really brighten pages and make it seem more ‘Pinterest’. They are about 70p and they have different phrases, jokes or pretty pictures on and they can help fill in gaps or are a cute way to illustrate holidays, like Christmas! Also postcards when you visit somewhere are lovely or little souvenirs such as parking tickets, food wrappers or leaflets add personal touches to your scrapbook!

Hopefully these have given you some ideas for your own scrapbook! One of the best things about scrapbooking is that it should never be a chore, it’s just a hobby and if I don’t feel like doing it then that’s okay too. Once you start though the sense of nostalgia when looking back is really rewarding. Also don’t compare your scrapbook to these ‘perfect’ ones you see on YouTube or Pinterest- which is so difficult! Mine is so far from perfect and there have been times when I’ve ripped out pages because I thought my handwriting looks childish or the pictures aren’t stuck in straight. These little quirks are what makes your scrapbook yours, the happiness within the photos, souvenirs and words are what makes it ‘perfect’. Let me know any of your scrapbooking tips, I’d love to develop mine for 2017.

Happy scrapbooking,




Blushing about… Skincare


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make my skincare game strong. I wanted to have proper steps in place, instead of just washing my face and using a facemask every so often. Being a teenager, my skin has got ISSUES. I won’t lie, my face is spotty and can get very rosy- hence the blushing. I’ve had this desire to fix it on and off throughout the years, but I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed.

Initially, I just watched skincare routines online to give me some advice on what products I needed to be looking for. My main aim with my skincare routine is to target the spots and redness, on a bit of a budget. I mean I didn’t want to go full blown everything on the cheap, because I’ve tried that before, but I DEFINITELY didn’t want to go for Sunday Riley… a girl can dream. Anyway, I eventually stumbled upon The Body Shop which I had never considered for anything other than their body butters.

I trawled through their website until I decided upon the Tea Tree range, there were other options too. This was ideally designed for spot-prone, oily skin- perfect! To determine what products I needed from the range to use I spoke to a skincare specialist on their website via a live chat. I asked all my questions and they recommended the products in order to kit out my new regime. These are the products I have used and some thoughts on them, bare in mind I have been using them since January so these are my views after 4months of using them:

1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash £6: This is one of the cleaner option available from this range and I’ve found it definitely works to clear the skin. However, it is not my favourite product because it doesn’t lather fully and is difficult to really work into the whole face- maybe I’m using it wrong? Or maybe I need to try the foaming cleaner from this range. If I have worn make-up that day then I cleanse before this step to focus on taking off the products, so I cannot say how this product does with that. To remove my make up I use the Soap and Glory Cleansing Milk which is much creamier and easy to apply.

2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner £6: This is probably my favourite product so far. I find it really refreshing and the next morning when you wake up you can see the skin tone evening out much more.

3. Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask £8.50: This is slightly more expensive but you only have to use it once to twice a week, so lasts a long time. It is an exfoliant and I use it best as a face mask which I massage into the skin and leave for around 20minutes before washing off. Honestly, I forget about this step a lot but I am trying to remember! It has a very strong tea tree scent (Duh!), just a warning though it makes my eyes really sting.

4. Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution £13: I got this in a set for Christmas, so it was the first product I tested. It was weird using an oily product to try and combat my excessively oily face but it seems to be working. This is the target serum that makes this routine aimed at fighting spots. So far it does keep away those large spots that seem to takeover my face, but hasn’t eliminated the smaller bumpier ones.

5. Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion £9.50: This is the day moisturiser that was suggested to me by the advisor on The Body Shop live chat feature. I do like it and it was a step I was fooled into avoiding previously- with a fear it would increase my oiliness. However, I think it makes a difference in hydrating my skin and making it appear plumper.

6. Tea Tree Night Lotion £10: Apparently your skin needs more moisture at night so this is like an advanced version of the day moisturiser. I like it, but it doesn’t really feel much different from the day one.

My final thoughts are that I love that all the steps are working towards the same aims and that they all create one routine. Whereas, in the past I used lots of different brands at once which all claimed to do different things at once. Since using it I would say that I have actually experienced some dryness on my face, which it a surprise! I think I might have to change some products, but they do have many different ranges so I could just try a different moisturiser. Overall though my skin has improved, it is clearer with a more even skin tone and I have had less ‘obvious’ breakouts. Also, the advice on their website is useful for complete newbies like me who really had no idea!

Hopefully, this has given you some tips if you’re looking to develop or change your own skincare routine. I think The Body Shop skincare can get overlooked, especially on the highstreet, with Boots selling such a wide range. This is just my experience so far, I think the main thing I have learnt is not to expect overnight miracles from these products- consistency is key.

Let me know what other products I should try and if you’ve tried anything from the The Body Shop skincare!


Spreading Kindness

Happy Monday!

I wanted to kickstart the week with a post on kindness. The concept of kindness can get lost in the business of everyday life, but it is such a positive characteristic to possess and share with others. Before this turns into the cheesiest post EVER, I have complied a list of cute random acts of kindness to try:

  1. Write letters: Taking the time to write someone a notecard is so simple. If you never have stamps (like me!) you could try apps like ‘Touch Note’ or going on to send personalised messages directly from your phone! You could sent these to friends, family or sometimes there are special appeals, especially at Christmastime to send to ill children or various people who need support/ friendship. This is the perfect excuse to buy ALL the pretty and funny postcards,  notecards and letter writing sets from Paperchase!
  2. Reminding people you are thinking of them: This is so simple and it’s free- win win! Something as simple as tagging a friend in a meme on Facebook that reminds you of them or sending them a funny tweet to cheer them up can really make someones day. Simply texting someone and saying ‘Miss you’ can mean the world, trust me at uni these really make your day because sometimes it is so easy to feel forgotten! Another idea is sending uplifting tweets to people who are having a bad day or congratulating/ complimenting them on something and although it might seem weird to respond to a stranger you never know how much they might have needed it.
  3. Spontaneous presents: Clearly this could be an expensive suggestion, but it doesn’t need to be done regularly or with luxurious gifts! One example is when I visit my grandparents I sometimes pick them up Scones for £2 as I pass a shop on my way- this is cheap way to brighten their day, or better still bake them yourself! Also my sister, who lives far away, recently received a bad haircut (I know the pain!) so to cheer her up I sent a special Pancake mix from directly to her address with a gift receipt too- perfect!
  4. Give to charity: This doesn’t necessarily have to be financial giving but if you can then a direct debit is a good way of doing this, because otherwise it is so easy to forget! Also it can be very small amounts, even just a £1, would make a difference especially to local charities. Other ways to give include taking old clothes or toys to a charity shop, retweeting/ sharing charities posts help raise awareness of campaigns or looking for online ways to volunteer your time at various charities- some charities like Make A Wish have online volunteering schemes where you don’t even have to leave your sofa!
  5. Be kind to yourself: In some ways this should be top the list because if you are kind to yourself then you can help others. This really could be anything, but it is so easily forgotten! Let yourself watch an extra episode of your favourite TV show, eat ALL the chocolate, have a bath until your fingers go all shrivelled, laugh at your favourite film, sing at the top of your voice, lounge around in your pyjamas every once in a while and forget all your responsibilities! I understand this is easier said than done, but be happy, you deserve it.

I hope these inspire you to spread some kindness to others and yourself. There are also lots more ideas on Pinterest! Let me of know any other easy examples of random acts because it is always important to find new ways of spreading kindness.