Spreading Kindness

Happy Monday!

I wanted to kickstart the week with a post on kindness. The concept of kindness can get lost in the business of everyday life, but it is such a positive characteristic to possess and share with others. Before this turns into the cheesiest post EVER, I have complied a list of cute random acts of kindness to try:

  1. Write letters: Taking the time to write someone a notecard is so simple. If you never have stamps (like me!) you could try apps like ‘Touch Note’ or going on to send personalised messages directly from your phone! You could sent these to friends, family or sometimes there are special appeals, especially at Christmastime to send to ill children or various people who need support/ friendship. This is the perfect excuse to buy ALL the pretty and funny postcards,  notecards and letter writing sets from Paperchase!
  2. Reminding people you are thinking of them: This is so simple and it’s free- win win! Something as simple as tagging a friend in a meme on Facebook that reminds you of them or sending them a funny tweet to cheer them up can really make someones day. Simply texting someone and saying ‘Miss you’ can mean the world, trust me at uni these really make your day because sometimes it is so easy to feel forgotten! Another idea is sending uplifting tweets to people who are having a bad day or congratulating/ complimenting them on something and although it might seem weird to respond to a stranger you never know how much they might have needed it.
  3. Spontaneous presents: Clearly this could be an expensive suggestion, but it doesn’t need to be done regularly or with luxurious gifts! One example is when I visit my grandparents I sometimes pick them up Scones for £2 as I pass a shop on my way- this is cheap way to brighten their day, or better still bake them yourself! Also my sister, who lives far away, recently received a bad haircut (I know the pain!) so to cheer her up I sent a special Pancake mix from directly to her address with a gift receipt too- perfect!
  4. Give to charity: This doesn’t necessarily have to be financial giving but if you can then a direct debit is a good way of doing this, because otherwise it is so easy to forget! Also it can be very small amounts, even just a £1, would make a difference especially to local charities. Other ways to give include taking old clothes or toys to a charity shop, retweeting/ sharing charities posts help raise awareness of campaigns or looking for online ways to volunteer your time at various charities- some charities like Make A Wish have online volunteering schemes where you don’t even have to leave your sofa!
  5. Be kind to yourself: In some ways this should be top the list because if you are kind to yourself then you can help others. This really could be anything, but it is so easily forgotten! Let yourself watch an extra episode of your favourite TV show, eat ALL the chocolate, have a bath until your fingers go all shrivelled, laugh at your favourite film, sing at the top of your voice, lounge around in your pyjamas every once in a while and forget all your responsibilities! I understand this is easier said than done, but be happy, you deserve it.

I hope these inspire you to spread some kindness to others and yourself. There are also lots more ideas on Pinterest! Let me of know any other easy examples of random acts because it is always important to find new ways of spreading kindness.



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