May Favourites 2017


I am so happy May is done, it’s always a bit of a dreary month for me because of exams and revision… two of my least favourite things. These are the main reasons that I haven’t tried many new products or been shopping much! Hopefully that will change from June and I can now shop like crazy in the summer… or just browse online haha! Anyways, here are a few of the different things I have been enjoying throughout May:

  • Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze: I wasn’t completely sure whether to include this because I think it has been discontinued 😦 I bought a while ago, so I probably shouldn’t be using it for much longer haha! This bronzer shapes your face and gives you a natural sunkissed glow- which is what I am after. Looking online I have tried to look for similar bronzers to try and apparently Bobbi Brown does a similar product and so does Revlon, but I haven’t used them myself.
  • Bourjois’ Radiance Reveal Concealer, £7.99: I think this concealer does have some hype surrounding it, so I wanted to give it a go. I actually bought it a couple of months ago but haven’t used it much until this month. For me, this concealer works best under the eyes to disguise those bags… which have been particularly large throughout May! I would definitely recommend this if you want an under eye-concealer, I think it is a bit too brightening on blemishes on my skin though.
  • Soap and Glory’s Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, £8: This cleanser is one of my favourite skincare products EVER. I am still using my usual skincare routine but use this either when I am feeling lazy, with just moisturiser afterwards, or to cleanse before I start the routine when I have worn make-up. It has quite an immediate effect on the appearance of the skin and really gets cleans out my pores.
  • Louise Pentland’s story times: Obviously Louise doesn’t need any promo or anything, I just wanted to add this because I have really enjoyed her LP story times that she has been posting on her main channel throughout May. These stories actually make me laugh and feel better about my own embarrassing life haha! If you don’t usually enjoy Louise’s content then give these a try, they were a lovely distraction from revision!
  • One Direction’s solo music: These boys are ALWAYS a favourite, whatever the month. BUT this month everything has changed as a lot of them have released more solo material this month. Some highlights are Harry’s album (favourite songs are ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Two Ghosts’), Niall’s new single ‘Slow Hands’ is very catchy and even Liam’s ‘Strip that Down’, which is a different sound to 1D’s usual, has been playing on repeat! I really love all their music and it is very diverse I’m sure you’ll find at least one song you will enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my favourites and will consider giving some of them a go! Feel free to comment any of you favourites below or any bronzer recommendations- as my favourite has been discontinued!

Hope you have a lovely June,



Uni: Advice

Happy Tuesday,

This week I am going to be uploading a couple of posts addressing topics surrounding university. I have recently finished my first year and wanted to write about five things I have learnt or wish I had known before I started university. One thing I would add is that university is NOT everything and you will still have lots of opportunities if you choose to follow a different path, it is not to be a measurement of your entire life. Many people forget this, even myself, but if you go or not you are still intelligent and there is still a lot more to life than getting a degree. Despite saying this, here are a few things to keep in mind if you are already at uni or thinking about starting in September:

  • People at home will not forget you: One thing I struggled with massively was homesickness, which I will address more in another post. It definitely eased as the academic year progressed. The main root cause, I think, was this fear that everyone was going to forget you and just move on. Honestly, this is not the case and you will still get to come home as regularly as you wish. If anything it will give you more to talk about and people will want to see how you are getting on.
  • Stop comparing everything to home: This is a bit of an obvious one and probably linked to my homesickness. This mainly came into my mind when I compared uni friends to people at home, which you shouldn’t do because you’ve known people from school a lot longer and you didn’t have to live with them. Other things like the kitchen or bathrooms are an easy one to constantly compare to home because no ones parents are there to tidy up after them! Remember just because everything is different, it does not have to be worse than home.
  • Little things are a success: Especially at the beginning of uni you will realise you are doing so many independent things, you will feel SO proud. This is definitely a positive that I have found at uni because I was much more dependent on my family before I started. Cooking dinners, washing up, dry cleaning and even just finding the lecture theatres will all feel so satisfying- at the start, the thrill does wear off!
  • Don’t stress about having the ‘best years of your life’: I had heard a lot that my uni years would be the ‘making of me’ or were people’s ‘best years of their life’ BUT that is not always the case. Don’t get me wrong uni can be really fun, but usually you won’t realise that you are having the ‘best time’ until you look back on it. Social media makes everyone want to show they have no problems, but most of the time they are just papering over the cracks and no one wants to share the worse times. Don’t stress yourself out trying to show everyone that uni is ‘perfect’, looking back you’ll realise how great it really was.

I hope these pieces of advice have either been helpful or relatable in some way. These can still be applied to different situations because when changing environments it is important to be open-minded.

Best wishes,


Spring Essentials


Spring is a lovely season, despite it still being a bit cold and cloudy in England right now BUT when the sun’s out it’s so pretty. Shockingly enough though I won’t pretend its my favourite season, I am more of a winter gal BUT I try and make the most of it. I thought I would share a couple of things that I would consider my top Spring essentials:

  • Converse White All Star Oxford Trainers, £45: These are my Converse of choice, the traditional white ones with the blue and red trim. They’re SO lovely, really comfy and brighten up any outfit. I think most Converse are pretty for Spring, whether you prefer the hi-tops style or a different colour. They are light weight and I see them as a good transitional shoe because it isn’t quite warm enough here for sandals yet! I have a navy pair which I like too, but I have been reaching more for the traditional white ones this Springtime. 
  • Embroidered Shirts: I love this fashion right now! I only have two, both from New Look, but I am constantly wearing them. They’re perfect for Spring because, if worn with a thin underlayer, then you can brave it without a coat- honestly it is such a struggle to dress for English weather haha! I think they’re such a pretty fashion trend because they can be flattering on everyone and have cute pastel design.
  • Benefit Dandelion Blush, £22: This is one of my favourite blushers EVER, closely followed by Benefit’s Rockateur. I think Dandelion is more fitting for Spring though, it is a rosy pink shade that compliments pale skin- like mine! Another blush that I really like in Spring is the Bourjois Aqua Blush, in the shade ‘Pink Twice’, this is a gel formula that creates more of a dewy, natural look compared to a some powder blusher… as you can tell blush is definitely one of my favourite beauty steps.
  • Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm, £1.65: This is my current favourite lip balm and I think naturally plump, moisturised lips are perfect for Spring. I had used Vaseline for years, but I think that long-term it just didn’t give me the same results as this Nivea one. Also it is so cheap that I buy a few so I can keep them in different place which is ideal because my lips can get chapped and drys still even in the Spring. I would love to try the Elizabeth Arden 8hour lip cream, but I don’t know if I can justify a high price tag for some lip balm!
  • Barry M Gelly Nail Polish, £3.99: I won’t go on about these too much, because I have already written about them in my April Favourites. I thought they were important to mention though because they really complete an outfit and the Spring shades are really pretty. The shades that I think deserve a shoutout are ‘Blueberry’ and ‘Acai Smoothie’, which is a sophisticated pinky-purple. The Coconut Infusion nail paints are pretty too, but I don’t think the shade range is as pretty, the only one I have really loved is the shade ‘Laguna’ which is a turquoise blue.

These products have become staples for me so far this Spring, especially my Converse! Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your Spring or even Summer essentials, as we look ahead to months of sun… fingers crossed!


Spring Luxury Lust List 2017

Lust lists are just products that I want to try and would love to buy. They are mainly higher end beauty buys because I only ever buy it on very rare occasions. It’s like an ongoing shopping list basically, that just never seems to end. Here are my current top 5, but they do tend to change around regularly:

  • Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer, £25: This is top of list for summer because I think it looks wonderful, apparently it smells of chocolate too! The pan is split between two shades of bronzer- a lighter and darker one. It is a shimmery bronzer but from what I’ve read it gives a natural glow- which is what I am looking for!
  • Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, £20.50: This sounds like such a lovely, natural and fluttery mascara. I just don’t know if I can ever justify spending £20 on a mascara because there are definitely ones that do a similar job on the highstreet, such as Maybelline’s Lash Sensational.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion, £17: I won’t lie, the packaging is one of the main reasons I have for wanting this. It’s SO cute though. I would like the shade ‘Sin’ because I would probably use it on its own some days because of the glow it gives. This product is interchangeable on my Lush List with the Charlotte Tilbury Shadow sticks because I am just looking for a very simple eyeshadow look.
  • Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Lip Kits and Highlighters: Unfortunately, I think that Kylie’s products will always be on my Lush List because of the custom fees that we have to pay in the UK, but a girl can dream. I love the Kardashians and these products looks so dreamy. The new Kylighters look gorgeous especially the shade ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ which is filled with pink sparkly gorgeousness. Then there are Kylie’s signature Lip Kits that seem like such a staple. There are so many options, I am not picky haha! The new Kim collaboration looks lovely but then the traditional shades like ‘Posie K’, ‘KoKo K’ and ‘Kristen’ have all caught my eye.
  • Too Faced Peach Palette, £39: I would just love a high end eyeshadow palette, I don’t really have any palettes! Shocking, I know. I am not very creative with my eye make-up but this palette looks so lovely. I would definitely consider the Urban Decay Naked palettes too, but I find it difficult to choose between them all!

Have you tried any of these products? What products are on your Lust Lists? My list is always changing depending on the seasons, my mood and new releases but these have been staples for a couple of months… Maybe I’ll have to treat myself post-exams!

Don’t forget to treat yourself too,


Spring Body Care

Recently, I have discovered a few new body care products that I wanted to write about. It’s never been something I was particularly interested in, apart from a good moisturising bubble bath obviously! However, since using these more regularly I can feel a difference within my skin, especially after the bitterness of winter. I have targeted my smoother skin down to these 3 key products, but am definitely still looking to develop my routine further. Here they are:

  • Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, £8: This product I’ve been loving for around a year now, so I have definitely tried and tested it. I really love it, especially THE SMELL. It’s very sweet like maple syrup, definitely head into Boots just to give it a sniff. It is a sugary scrub that exfoliates your skin, perfect to prep for fake tanning!
  • The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter, £6: I got this for my birthday because I liked the idea of it being for sensitive skin. The smell is lovely and not overpowering, like some of the body butters. I mainly use this on my legs after I have shaved, this helps eradicate dryness and flakiness skin! I’d definitely look into purchasing the larger tub once I’ve made it through this one.
  • Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body Lotion, originally £7.79 but bought on sale for £3.89 from Boots: I have dabbled slightly into self-tanning before, but have ended up with patches and streaks ALL over. This is my favourite one by far, it is much less streaky because it applies simply as a moistriser and develops subtley. I use the shade Fair to Medium, which can go plenty dark enough on me especially because I am looking for a natural sunkissed glow. It makes your skin very soft and you can determine the pace you want it to build up. Really good for beginners like me, who are just entering the big wide world of fake tan.

I really love all 3 of these products but I am always on the look out for more! I think next on my radar will be a moisturising shower gel and I’d like to try some different shaving products too- like the D’fluff Shaving Soap from Lush. Have you tried any of these products? Are there any body care buys you would recommend- comment them below, I would definitely be interested in trying them!

Happy pampering,