3 Favourite Overnight Products

Happy Friday,

I hope you’ve had a lovely week! Today I wanted to discuss a few of my favourite products that you can use overnight, which is a really easy and carefree way to nourish your skin. I love using overnight products because, if you’re a bit lazy like me, then you don’t really have to think about it you can just stick to these products to see quick results in the morning! Here they are:

  • KIKO Night Balm, approx. £7.90: Unfortunately, I can’t find this on the KIKO website, as I am still using mine from Christmas, so hopefully it is still available! This is rich, nourishing lip balm that aims to repair your lips and replenish moisture. It comes in a little pot but lasts many months before it needs replacing! If you exfoliate your lips before using this then you can see the results even more clearly the following morning.
  • Soap and Glory Heel Genius, £5.50: This might be a bit of an odd one to write about but I’ve continued to use this for a couple of years now and I LOVE it. All you do is put this cream on your feet then put socks on and go to sleep- so simple. It works to help recover any dry skin or blisters on your feet and I think it is a must-have for summer, when we’re doing more walking especially in sandals where our feet are more exposed. Doesn’t have the nicest scent, but if you can get past this then definitely give it a go!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream, £14: I haven’t been using this for as long as the other two products but I still think it is a product worth giving a try. The Body Shop do offer a Vitamin E overnight mask, which I haven’t tried, but might be a good alternative if you have drier skin. I use this night cream, despite having some oily areas, as it says it is suitable for all skin types and it is a lot richer than other facial moisturisers I have used. It has the texture more like a body butter but it sinks in a lot quicker and doesn’t stain your pillows. Definitely leaves your skin feeling plumper and softer, but a little goes a long way

Hopefully you have found this helpful and might consider giving these products a go! Honestly, when you use all 3 the next morning you feel SO soft and your skin feels much more luxurious, especially after a long day. If the KIKO night balm has been discontinued then I’ll need a new nighttime lip balm- do you know of any alternatives? What are your favourite overnight products?



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