Hits and Misses: Mascara Edition

Happy Sunday,

In yesterday’s post I decided not to include mascara in my minimal make-up look, but today mascara is getting their very own post… lucky thing! I use to be a lot more into mascara than I am now, so I have a few to share with you. Personally, the main properties I want in a mascara are no clumps, so complete fullness across the lid, for it not to transfer under my eyes and for it to be lengthening. These are the main things I look for in a good mascara and I’m still not convinced I’ve found my favourite, but here are 5 of the selection that I have tried:

Mascara Hits:

  • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara, £8.99: I don’t usually hear many people talk about this one, but I really like it! It comes with two wands- one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. This feature really makes it because I use the one for the bottom lashes to separate my lashes and give them a really natural look. It does’t transfer and can be built up if you like a more full-on look.
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational, £8.99: This is quite a popular mascara online but I think it is worth the hype. It gives a lot of volume, but I don’t see it as a everyday mascara. The results can be dramatic, but because of the two different sides of bristles you still get definition with your lashes, which I think makes it one of my favourites.
  • KIKO Volume Eyes Plus Active Mascara, £7.90: This mascara probably my favourite natural mascara, it is quite light but deepens the lashes nice and evenly. It separates them and the shape of the brush makes it easy to reach the lashes in the corners of your eyes.

Mascara Misses:

  • Benefit Bad Gal Lashes, £18.50: This is not necessarily the worst mascara ever BUT the performance of it just does not correlate with the price. If this was a similar price to Maybelline’s products then it would maybe not be as disappointing. I feel like it is too dramatic for my simple make-up looks, it gives more of a ‘fluffy’ lash look and the brush tends to pick up a lot of product. I like the packaging, but overall I just don’t really think it is worth the higher price tag.
  • Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara, £12.99: I bought this on a complete whim when it was new out and really it is nothing special. Firstly, it is very bulky and not as compact as other mascaras with dual-wands. One wand is for ‘extreme volume’ and the other is to add a ‘dark lacquer’- the latter wand is similar to the KIKO mascara but provides less length. When I initially used this is use to make my eyes feel a bit puffy but I didn’t want to waste it so sometimes I just use the ‘dark lacquer’ end which gives better results for me. Again, it is not AWFUL but it just is not worth the money.

Hopefully this list has given you some suggestions if you’re on the lookout for a new mascara. I would say the best brand to go to is Maybelline, out of the ones I’ve tried anyway, but I’ve heard L’Oreal is a good one too but I am yet to try them! I’m still looking for my ultimate mascara, I would like to try Benefit’s Rollerlash in the brown shade but I don’t know if it really will be worth the money and I’m not sure if brown mascara will look right? Let me know if you have tried it below and I’d love to hear your favourite mascara!




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