Shake up your Summer

Happy Monday!

It’s a new week and today I want to share a few different things you can try this summer, to easily shake things up! These are small activities to try whether you’re lucky enough to have a long summer break or still have to work through the warmer months. I think summer is the perfect time to try some new things because the days are a little longer and generally I feel a bit more energetic… don’t get me wrong Netflix is still a summer essential haha! Here are just 5 things that will hopefully inspire you to give something new a try during this sunny season:

  • Learn a new language: I’ve started this recently using the app ‘Duo Lingo’ it’s simple to use and takes you through multiple quizzes to help you develop your new language skills. I’ve chosen to try Italian, which I’ve enjoyed a lot recently, and it is honestly never-ending! Also what I like about it is it doesn’t take up lots of time, so you can simply try it on your daily commute or just before bed- PERFECT!
  • Volunteer: Volunteering is a very broad topic but any kind of volunteering can be very rewarding for everyone involved! The best place to look for different opportunities is to look online for local volunteering jobs. It can be really simple things like supporting any local runs, a charity shop or helping at summer camps.
  • Scrapbook: I LOVE to scrapbook and have already done a blog post explaining my top tips- Scrapbooking: Tips and Tricks so I won’t go on! BUT it is a really nice activity to do outside in the sun and I find it the best way to save my photography. I prefer to have my photographs actually printed out and not just living digitally, they’re also very nostalgic to look back at!
  • Baking: A very simple thing to try but can be really fun, especially if you enjoy the goods you’ve made out on a picnic or after a BBQ! My favourites to try in summer are scones, fruity desserts and cookies. It’s nice to give them a go and give them out to family and friends too on a nice summer’s afternoon. My favourite place to look for recipes is Jane’s Patisserie blog or just looking in my Mum’s cook books.
  • Reading: Summer is when my love for reading really kicks in! I wish I would read as much throughout the year but I just definitely seem to enjoy it more when the weather improves. I would definitely just recommend to try reading more in general, summer is the perfect time to start! I’ll be putting some book recommendation posts up throughout the next couple of months so keep an eye out for some inspiration!

There are obviously SO many different things you can do this summer but these are a few that I am trying this summer and have done in the past. They’re at more manageable activities to add into your daily lives without breaking the bank or completely changing your routine. Hopefully these have inspired you, let me know what you would like to try this summer!

Enjoy the sunshine,



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