Tips for Bedroom Decorating

Happy Monday!

Since returning from university for the Summer I have decided to change up my bedroom a little bit! I didn’t have loads of cash to splurge and my parents didn’t want to COMPLETELY re-decorate. So I made it my little project to make it a relaxing space that I can write, get ready and chill! Here are some of things I did to my room to help achieve that:

  • De-clutter: This first step takes the LONGEST, well it did for me because I find something interesting and am lost for hours. I would suggest going for a clockwise technique around the room to make sure you have done everything. Make clear piles for rubbish, charity and keep- then when you go through them you can see what you REALLY need.
  • Move furniture around: A bit obvious BUT worth it to make a real difference when you walk into your bedroom. Look at the different surfaces in your bedroom and decide if you’re making the best use of them. For example, I’ve changed the top of my chest of drawers into a dressing table by moving all my beauty bits off my desk onto that surface and adding a mirror. Also you need to find the balance between practical and pretty when it comes to shelves.. which is tricky! With bookcases I tend to go for books at the back and then maybe a photo frame or trinket in front to make it prettier.
  • Prints and photos: Adding a couple of pretty Pinterest quotes around your room instantly makes it more insta-worthy. You could make an art wall or just dot them around your room on shelves or your walls. Don’t forget to put up some of your own memories too which gives your room the personal touch and makes it more of a calming place.
  • Textures: Having different and contrasting textures around your room can really change the dynamic of it. Simply by adding a fluffy cushion to the bed or some wooden frames instead of plain white can help make things feel fresher! Try looking in Matalan or Dunelm as they have lots of cushions and blankets which can help transform your beds or chairs.

Top Bedroom Buys:

  • Quote prints Not on the High Street has LOTS of different options in a whole range of sizes, colours and for different prices.
  • IKEA photo frames are REALLY cheap, seriously my favourite ones start at £1.25! They are simple and look really chic on your walls, especially the white ones with a quote inside because it keeps the focus on the print not the frame. If you want some fancier frames Paperchase do some nice ones or H&M home.
  • Reed Diffusers this really can make your room feel a bit newer and fresher when it is feeling a bit boring! My favourites are from Zoella’s range with my favourite scent definitely being ‘Homemade Treats’ which is SO sweet. They tend to last a couple of months which is perfect because I like to change them to fit the seasons.

I love interior designs and searching ALL the Pinterest boards! Sometimes that can be a bit disheartening because my room never really looks like that but hopefully these tips will help us get closer to our PERFECT bedrooms!

Happy decorating,



2 thoughts on “Tips for Bedroom Decorating

  1. Hey Amy! I loved this post and can totally identify with how moving furniture can really change a room. Keep the great advice coming! Also I would really appreciate if you check out my blog


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