Summer Drugstore Lust List

Happy Monday!

My shopping addiction has REALLY got going recently! Unfortunately, I have to try and resist… so I’m going to try and fulfil the need by delving into another Lust List. I’ve written one a couple of months ago that was focussed on high end make-up, don’t worry I’m still lusting after all of that still. Over the last couple of months I am loving some of the new releases on the highstreet, whilst pining over some older products that I’ve not got round to trying. I’ve narrowed it down to five products that have caught my eye, hopefully they’ll all make it into my collection one day:

  • Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection: Don’t you think these look lovely?! I mean I’m not completely sure on how different they will apply in comparison to the core collection… BUT I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. They’re so fancy and out of the collection I think I would probably go for the ‘Soft Powder Brush’ which is priced at £22, it looks a good brush for an all over bronze.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Collection: I’d love to try the concealer and powder because I always hear great reviews about these products. I like the idea of it being beneficial for your skin whilst covering any flaws, I’ve also heard people say that it is natural and lightweight.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, £6: NYX is a big mystery brand to me, as I am yet to try ANY of their products! Since launching in the UK I have been meaning to though and these lip products seem like the best place to start because they appear very popular. I would need to look at them in real life to determine which shade is the best, a mauve-y nude is my go to, but they’re definitely a product I’m looking to try soon!
  • Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer, £11: This product has been a staple for many people for a while but I have resisted and I’m not really sure why! It has a slight sheen to it but is far from shimmery and the pan mixes two shades of bronzer. It seems like the perfect bronzer for summer, something I am yet to find!
  • Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher, £6.99: This one doesn’t get as much hype as other products, but it has always managed to catch my eye! I tried a gel blush before and loved the natural finish, so would definitely love to try a creamy one. The colours seem quite vibrant in the pan but I’m guessing they look prettier on your skin! They’re so cute and tiny too- perfect for travelling!

There are so many products at the drugstore that look so lovely at the moment, I’m sure this list will continue to change throughout summer! Let me know what products you’re lusting after recently and if you think I should give some of these a try!




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