Drugstore Starter Kit

Today’s post isn’t going to be the typical Drugstore Starter Kit because I thought it would be useful to recommend a brand under each title rather than a specific item. This is a different way of writing a ‘Starter Kit’ post because it gives people the freedom to look within a brand and decipher their own preferences within make-up, rather than me just listing products… which I’ll probably do in the future! Whether you’re new to make-up, visiting the UK and want to try some products or you’re just on the hunt for something new then hopefully this post will help! It might be a long one, so I hope you’re sitting comfortably:

Foundation, L’Oreal: This brand has a wide variety of foundations and alphabet creams to be tried- this is why it deserves to be looked into when searching for that starter foundation. Personally, I like the ‘Infallible Matte’ foundation for a full coverage and ‘True Match’ is another very popular foundation to go for too for a more natural finish.

Concealer, Bourjois: Obviously, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer deserves a shoutout here BUT for a brand I would say Bourjois. The Radiance Reveal concealer is one of my favourites and is perfect for lifting under the eyes. Also the Healthy Mix Concealer looks really lovely, but I am yet to try it but it is on my Summer Drugstore Lust List.

Powder, Rimmel: Stay Matte Powder. There isn’t much more to say is there? I haven’t tried any other powders BUT that’s because I don’t really know what more I could want from a powder. It keeps shine away AND adds some coverage, whilst not breaking the bank- win, win.

Blusher, Sleek: I contemplated putting Bourgeois again but they’ve had their time to shine… so if you can’t find a Sleek blusher to tickle your fancy then try them! Sleek do powder blushers, cream AND palettes- they’ve got it ALL. Sometimes the shades look a little outrageous but, from the selection I’ve tried, they’re very blendable and look seamless on your face. My favourite is the shade ‘Rose Gold’ which is apparently a dup for Nar’s infamous Orgasm blush.

Eyebrows, Soap and Glory: I think they do one of the most extensive eyebrow ranges in the drugstore through their ‘Brow Archery’ range. They have a lot of different nibs and I think they’re the best quality out of my collection. If not then second place is Rimmel simply because of their ‘Brow this Way’ gels… but these products have their own post coming soon so you’ll have to come back to hear more about these!

Cream Eyeshadows, Maybelline: I’ve tried a few different cream eyeshadows because they’re my favourite way to add colour to your lids with the ‘Maybelline Colour Tattoos’ being the best! They’re really creamy, last on your eyes and blend really easily with my favourite shade being ‘On and On Bronze’.

Eyeshadow Palettes, Revolution: Honestly, I’m not very well up on eyeshadow palettes BUT I’ve tried one from Revolution and I really liked it! I think it was the Iconic 3 one which are based on the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Mascara, Maybelline: This was probably the easiest choice for me because Maybelline have LOADS of mascaras to suit any of your eyelash needs. My favourite has to be the Lash Sensational because it gives full lashes without clumping- I have talked more about Maybelline mascara in my Hits and Misses: Mascara Edition.

Lipsticks, KIKO: Alright, you can’t buy it in Boots or Superdrug BUT I love them. They’re all I use BUT my favourite Smart Lipsticks have been discontinued… Why does this always happen to me? SO I am going to find some drugstore alternatives, so stay posted whilst I search for some lip choices. If you do get a chance to go to KIKO though I would recommend their lipsticks, if they’re anything like their old ones then you’ll LOVE them. 

Hopefully this post gave you some drugstore inspiration and an insight to some of my favourite products. I have left out primer because I haven’t found one that I could honestly recommend, so I usually just moisturise before, and I don’t use eyeliner… I just don’t trust myself with make-up THAT close to my eyes. You might notice Bronzer and Highlighter are missing too because I have not found any that are either still around or that I like.

Please comment below any recommendations for any products that I have missed out- especially Bronzer and Highlighter!



4 thoughts on “Drugstore Starter Kit

  1. Maybelline Color Tattoos were my favorite when I first started wearing makeup! I have really oily lids and didn’t understand that I should wear a primer on them, so I just bought those cream shadows instead – problem solved! You’ve also got me sold on these Soap & Glory brows!

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