Summer Luxury Lust List

Another day, another Lust List post… I just can’t help myself at the moment! Last week I did my Summer Drugstore Lust List so it’s only fair that I get to share a higher end one too. I find with the more luxurious ones the products stay on the list for A LOT longer, so they can get quite long and include more staple products that I’ve never had the chance to use. Here are a couple of the new additions this Summer:

  • Urban Decay’s The Heat Palette, £39.50: This new release looks LOVELY with a really nice mix of mattes and shimmers! Usually when I see this palettes there seems to be random colours, but this one seems to have the most wearable shades for a less adventurous eyeshadow wearer like myself. They’re all very amber-y with deep pinks, browns and oranges (it looks nicer than it sounds!).
  • Kylie Cosmetic’s Vacation Collection: I feel like every single new release Kylie does I’m really drawn in by… I think it’s the snapchats of all the products that really get me into it! In this collection the main products I would love to try are the ‘Send me Nudes’ Velvet Lips, the Ultra powder highlighters and either the contour kit or the ‘Wet Set’ of highlighters. Everything looks really glow-y and summery, I just don’t know if that level of glow would suit my tomato skin tone during the rainy British Summer… but a girl can dream haha.
  •  Benefit Box O’Powders Cheek Parade Palette, £49.50: I’ve already used a few Benefit powders because I got a similar set for Christmas a few years ago. BUT that has not stopped my lusting after this one. This new set comes with ‘GALifornia’ and the ‘Hoola Lite’ which I haven’t tried, they look SO lovely and like they would suit my pale complexion. I already know I love some of the other powders in this collection… so maybe this one will make it off the list and into my collection.
  • NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm, £23.00: I’m really having a thing for blusher at the moment and this is a ‘cult’ blush straight away. I love creamy, liquid blush because it is so natural and lovely to apply! The packaging for this is SO classy as well, so it would look fancy too. I’d consider trying the ‘Multiple’ stick too but when I saw the liquid one I thought it really is something different and a bit more unique.
  • Tom Ford Double Decked Eyeshadow, £48.00: The price of this is just crazy BUT it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. It has a cream shadow and a matching really shimmery powdery one too. I’ve seen it on YouTube, it looks just divine and is a really, really good innovative idea… unless there is something like this! I think this will be a lifelong list item though because it SOOO much money for an eyeshadow, like my Mum would probably faint if I told her about the price of this haha.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration or just helped you indulge in all this luxurious make-up without having to spend so much money. I see these like little therapy sessions and then I try and move on… until the next season comes around!

Comment below what products are on you Luxury Make-up Lust List and if you’ve tried any of the products on mine!




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