Basic Girls Guide to: Baking


It’s been a while since I’ve written a lifestyle post, so what better topic to do one on than baking! I think that it is a lovely way to spend your time because it allows you to give to the people around you, whilst improving your own skills and dance around your kitchen. In the summer I tend to have a bit more time, so baking is a great hobby to take up as I spoke about in my Shake up your Summer post. So I’m just going to cover a few different things about baking like a couple of tips, a few products I like to use and a couple of my favourite recipes.

Baking Tips:

  • The first time you bake something REALLY follow the recipe, like exactly. Then once you’ve made it once you can begin adapting it to suit your tastes or your equipment. This will allow you to make your own recipes and develop your own flare, but with a recipe that is guaranteed to work first.
  • Don’t compare your final piece to the one on the blog, video or recipe book you’re following because most of the time it just won’t look the same. DON’T PANIC. They’ve perfected it and found the best lighting and angles… as long as it tastes good try not to get too stressed about presentation, at least at the beginning!
  • Get all the boring bits out the way first. Not every single step of baking is fun but once you get the small boring bits out the way it will definitely get better. I think the boring bits are measuring out the ingredients and lining the tray, so I do these straight away then the rest of the baking goes smoothly.
  • What ever baking disaster happens you can fix it! Honestly, I’m not great at baking I just really enjoy it but I’m CONSTANTLY making mistakes. If it burns then just eat it with ice-cream or cut those bits out, if you accidentally use too much of an ingredient add more of everything else and if you don’t have an ingredient but have already started just use something that looks similar. It won’t completely reverse the problems but if you just carry on you can usually try to cover it up… this a life tip too haha!

Favourite Baking Products:

  • Recipe Book: You can get really pretty books where you can store your own recipes which helps you build your own collection. I think it’s really lovely to develop your own little book of favourites that you can turn to again and again. It will be lovely to use when baking for your own children and to pass down favourites throughout your family.
  • Fancy Equipment: Obviously not a necessity BUT a lovely pastel ceramic baking bowl will make you want to bake. I got one from Dunelm in a baby pink and when I use it I feel like Mary Berry… one of my favourite ladies. Other things that I include under ‘fancy’ equipment are pink silicone utensils and pretty cupcake cases… just little cute things that make you feel professional.

This is the Recipe Book I use to write my recipes in, from Paperchase for £10. I would definitely recommend it as it has a clear and cute layout, including pockets, page dividers and conversion tables.

Favourite Recipes:

I pretty much use Jane’s Patisserie website for new recipes, some of Tanya Burr’s baking videoes or just recipes I already know! Here are a couple of my favourites, they’re all pretty simple and, most importantly, delicious:

  • Malteaser Cake (BBC Good Food)
  • Milk and White Chocolate Cookies (Tanya Bakes)
  • Rolo Cookie Bars (Jane’s Patisserie)
  • Marble Cake with Chocolate icing
  • Scones

FullSizeRender.jpg-1Here is the malteaser cake recipe, that I got online a few years ago, it isn’t a typical ‘cake’ but me and my family LOVE it. It’s probably my ‘signature bake’ and was one of the first to be written into my recipe book.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment any of your favourite recipes below and where you find your recipes, I’m always looking for more baking ideas!

Happy Baking,



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