Hits and Misses: Concealer Edition

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is about EVERYTHING concealer. I don’t know why I have a thing for concealer but it’s definitely one of my favourite beauty products. I think it’s one of the single products that can instantly change your face and make it look like I’ve made an effort. I’ve included 5 that I’ve tried that really stand out to me as either a successful hit or more of an ineffective miss. There are some other concealers that I’ve given a try that I didn’t feel particularly passionate about either way, like Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up’ I feel like that’s a bit in-between. So here are 5 concealers that I think REALLY fit each category:

Concealer Hits:

  • Collection Lasting Perfection, £4.19: Don’t worry I won’t bore you with more talk about this product because there is probably not much to say about it that you haven’t heard before. Just know that I think it’s worth the hype and I find it to be best at covering spots, bit cake-y for me under my eyes. Like an annoying ex, I can’t help but always go back to this one.
  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal, £7.99: I love this, the packaging is SO cute as well… not that it’s super necessary but just fyi. Great for under the eyes because it brightens but isn’t too thick that it creases. One of the few products I’ve found that literally gives an instant lift under the eyes and I really don’t see myself looking for a new brightening concealer for a long time, it’s become a staple for me.
  • Seventeen Stay Time, £4.49: I’ve not seen a lot of people talking about this product but it was one of the first concealers I bought and I really liked it! If I’m being honest I do use the Collection concealer much more BUT I wanted to include this one to give people an alternative, which is of a very similar quality. The main difference I found is it is less coverage than the ‘Lasting Perfection’, so this could be the perfect one if you don’t have many blemishes or are a bit wary of a potentially cake-y look.

Concealer Misses:

  • Maybelline Eraser Eye, £8.99: Potentially a bit of a controversial one… I’m crazy like that. The main reason this is a ‘miss’ for me is the shading! It is SO orange. I am very pinky-toned… like my blog name suggests, so it looks awful on me and by the time I’ve blended it enough to match my skin tone the coverage seems to completely disappear. So you’re probably thinking I bought the wrong shade BUT there are only 5 options in the UK and I went for the shade ‘light’, because I’m pale, so there really was limited choice and I just simply think this product does not do my shade. I bought this a while ago when I think there were about 3 Shades so maybe the new ones will be more suitable for me. The formula probably has potential and I don’t mind the weird sponge applicator, it is literally the sheer orange-ness to it which does absolutely nothing for me.
  • Maybelline Cover Stick, £3.99: I don’t know if people are still into this concealer, but I used it before and really hated it. Just completely cake central on all my spots. It didn’t even conceal, it just made it SO obvious that I had tried to hide my spots but completely failed. It is thick, cake-y and made me agree to never stray from creamier liquid concealer again.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and it has given some inspiration for your shopping list this weekend! What are your favourite concealers, as you can see I’m always in the mood to try new concealers, so would love your recommendations. 

Have a lovely weekend,



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