Holiday Essentials


Today I am continuing with the holiday theme, following on from my Travel Make-Up Bag which went up earlier this week, with 5 of the essential things for going on holiday! Sometimes when you’re getting ready to go away it can be a bit overwhelming trying to remember EVERYTHING you’ll need, so these are just a few products that you might have forgotten about and are real staples for me on my own trips. I haven’t included any make-up bits but have gone for a couple of general beauty essentials and some miscellaneous bits… I don’t know if I’ve ever used that word before! ANYWAY, here they are:

  • Lee Stafford Dehumidifier Spray, £5.99: Now I haven’t given this a proper go yet because I go on holiday later in August BUT I have been using in the English ‘summer’ weather which I don’t think counts as a true test. BUT, if it does what it says it does… which is essentially prevent your hair doubling in size due to humidity then it will not just become a holiday essential but a LIFE essential. I have high hopes and will report back, but worth looking into for holiday’s if you are prone to frizzy and uncontrollable hair in the heat.
  • Nail Polish, the one you’re wearing: I decided not to write about nail polish in my travel make-up bag but I do think it’s a holiday essential! Even if you get a gel polish I would definitely suggest taking a polish that is similar to the one you’re wearing incase you get any chips. I hate it when my nails chip on holiday and it makes me want to peel it all off, BUT if I have the original colour I can fix it which always looks 10x prettier than having it all over the place. For holiday nails I would say to go for something with a high shine and staying power such as Barry M’s Gelly Collection or their Coconut Infusion range. I would go for a bright pop of colour, definitely on your toes, like Barry M’s Gelly Polishes in ‘Pink Punch’ or ‘Passionfruit’.
  • Shaving Foam and Body Butter: Lots of people tend to remember their shower gel, shampoo and conditioner but sometimes on holiday our bodies need a bit more care. The constant shaving is a bit inconvenient on holiday but if you can use the right products then it can be done a bit less frequently. I would recommend Lush’s D’Fluff Shaving Soap for £5.95 to get a smooth shave that I think lasts a bit longer… I have no idea why? I just have found that, especially under my arms, since using this I have a smoother shave for longer so it is PERFECT for holidays. My favourite body butter is The Body Shop’s Almond Milk and Honey for £6 because it is designed for sensitive skin so it really moisturises after shaving, but if you have another favourite I’m sure they all provide similar results. These little extras definitely work well together to help maintain a lovely smooth finish and are now holiday essentials for me!
  • First Aid: This is such an easy one to forget, but can be one of the most crucial things when you’re out there! Obviously you know what kind of tablets or anything you need BUT there is so much more you might need. I’m thinking blister plasters, bite spray and aftersun. ALL the aftersun will be needed if you’re as sunburnt-prone as me. I would say that ‘First Aid’ covers some cleanliness bits too like tissues and hand sanitiser… ALL of these are definitely ESSENTIAL when you’re going on holiday because who know what you’ll encounter!
  • Books: Now depending on your trip, books might not be absolutely crucial like if you’re backpacking or interrailing. If you’re having one of my favourite kinds of holiday though which is very focused on relaxing then you’ll need a book. One of the best things about holidays is the time you have to do the things  you wish you did at home like spending time with your family, walking and reading ACTUAL books not just BuzzFeed articles about the latest bestsellers… which I’m guilty of doing from September through to May. I’ve already posted some YA Summer Reading Recommendations but will be posting a couple more book related posts throughout the month.

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my holiday essentials and that you will hopefully remember to include some of these bits in your suitcases! Comment below your number one essential for going on holiday, I’d love to see if you think I’ve missed something important… other than like passports and boarding passes obviously! There will be another holiday related post going live Friday at 10am, so see you then.



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