World Cup Party Ideas

The World Cup starts TOMORROW! I cannot wait. If you’ve read my Royal Wedding Party Ideas you’ll know I love a good British event and the World Cup is no different. I absolutely love football and have been a season ticket holder for many years- which does help with the excitement. BUT, I the World Cup is not just for those who go to football all the time- it is definitely a sporting tournament that anyone can enjoy. I thought I would share a couple of different ways you could enjoy the world cup, whether you are a die-hard football fan or if you’ve never watched a game.

Support your Team: Obviously I am supporting England- duh. It is always best to support your home country, but obviously it’s up to you. Once you’ve got that sorted you’re going to want to get some specifics. I’m talking an England flag, get a funny hat or face paint. Maybe you want to go for the proper replica kit or a more subtle football top. It can make the game really exciting and gives you something else to focus on if you’re too nervous. Have a look around cheaper high street stores, supermarkets or online- you’ll definitely find some cute little decorations dedicated to your team.

This picture is taken from England’s pre-tournament friendly against Nigeria. 

Decorations and Food: Two pivotal aspects of any party. Decorations can link into your own team, so maybe bunting or the flag. You can choose to go as crazy or as subtle as you wish. It also depends on your space because you can get buntings that include all the participating countries flags, but you’re going to need a bit of a bigger room. Then there is food which is completely personal. Pretty much any kind of standard summer buffet is the perfect combination for a game of football. Some kind of finger food or pizza for half time will definitely go down well!

Games: If you’re not completely into the football itself then a couple of games can be a good way to get involved. Maybe joining in a ‘World Cup Sweepstake’ at work, where you could win some money. One I like doing is a prediction game, I found a great online excel spreadsheet which is great, so just have a google and you should find it. Obviously, you can do other kinds of games like a  World Cup quiz or a World Cup song game. I think that it might be nice to build the atmosphere or to celebrate after a win (fingers crossed!).

Hopefully you have enjoyed this little post celebrating the arrival of the World Cup- which starts tomorrow! England’s first game is on Monday 18th June- I really hope they don’t let us down this year. I really hope you enjoy the tournament, no matter your footballing intelligence, and don’t forget to savour it as it won’t come round for another 4 years!



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