3 Summer Fashion Favourites

I never really delve into fashion on here, mainly because it isn’t one of my key interests and being a chubbier girl- it can honestly be a little bit difficult to share online. Crop tops don’t work for me, shorts with my bum out don’t work and anything remotely body-con  make me look like I’m made from jelly. SO, with those summer fashion trends ruled out I am forced to turn to other clothes. It’s weird because if you have a great body it is easy to dress and look fashionable, but if you’ve got insecurities and tree-trunk thighs like me then it takes brains to look stylish… it’s a tough life. With this wisdom I thought I would share three of my summer fashion favourites- that will look good whatever your size or insecurities. Summer is the most difficult time to dress for and that is another reason why it is not my favourite time of year. BUT, these fashion favourites have helped me combat summer whilst balancing the heat, my insecurities AND looking good.

Bardot tops or dresses: Anything Bardot I LOVE. I love that it covers a bit of my arms whilst still keeping me cool- one of the biggest fashion struggles for me throughout summer. They’re flattering too because they show off your shoulders and chest area and taking attention away from any other areas that you might prefer stayed hidden. I find that bardot tops come in lots of patterns and styles so there is definitely going to be one for you. Yes, you do have to wear a strapless bra which can be a little inconvenient but honestly you just get used to it AND it looks so much better than showing your straps! It is also great that they are an all-in-one piece of clothing because they don’t require a certain jacket or anything, and are paired perfectly with some jeans and sandals for a summer vibe. I usually find my favourites in New Look or H&M but I’m sure most of your favourite retailers will be selling this style! Even if you typically look at them and think they aren’t for you, definitely give them a try!

Patterned Trousers: Now these can be a little hit and miss. I’ve only ever found the best ones for me from Next- a shop I would definitely recommend checking out! I used to think they just looked like I was wearing pyjamas… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! They can be difficult to accessorise with but I tend to go for plain tops and sandals or white converse. They are a cooler option than jeans, for the summer sun, and are perfect for going on holiday! I use to be a bit sceptical of them but now they’re definitely what I turn to when the temperature rises and the ‘hareem’ style is SO comfortable!

The true "girl power" lies in the strength to empower each other! ❤️ #girlpower tag your girl friend who needs to read this!
This is one of many body confidence quotes on Pinterest, that I often turn to for a boost in Summer

Cute Sandals: If you are in doubt about your outfits in summer then I would simply turn to a cute pair of sandals. Go out there with them and no one will even look at your five year old dress that rides up when you bend over! Honestly the power of a good pair of shoes should never be underestimated. If you want to really catch someones eye with the sandals then go for a bright nail colour too, it really finishes off a good summer foot look. Most of my favourite sandals are from New Look because they’re reasonably priced which means I can pick up multiple pairs! I love tan sandals with tassles and a pop of colour on them. Sandals have gotta be one of my favourite things about summer- they’re a classic and I often try and wear them right until the rain stops me in the Autumn!

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about some of my summer fashion favourites! I’ve kind of done them in broader departments so you should be able to find something useful and fitting within one of them! Fashion is such a personal thing and honestly, it can be such a challenge for lots of people, that is why I felt the quote included from Pinterest in this post was so important. Summer is obviously about far more than the clothes, it is about making memories and having fun!



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