Autumn Luxury Lust List


Today I have pretty much the opposite of my Anti Haul: Make-up I won’t be buying and instead this is a list of things I would LOVE to buy! I tend to do these seasonly and honestly it’s tough to limit it to only 4 times a year haha! It just really fulfils those shopping desires without spending a penny. These mainly consist of new releases especially for Autumn but there are usually a couple of older products too- that I am still pining over! So here are some of the products that are on my wishful, on-going shopping list this Autumn:

  • Kylie Cosmetics Fall Collection: Kylie’s make-up always manages to find its way onto my lust lists because I just LOVE it but cannot justify the price for shipping, customs etc. In this new range the main things that have caught my eye is the Purple Palette, the lip kit in the shade Autumn and the ‘wisteria’ kylighter. These three products look GORGEOUS, I love the black packaging for Halloween too. I don’t know how often I would actually be brave enough to wear purple eyeshadow but still… I can dream, right?! Only the ‘Autumn’ lip shade looks like it would suit my complexion because it seems the most ‘nude-y’… the bright purple lips are just not for me! It’s probably not the collection I love the most out of Kylie’s releases but I would still love to give these a try!
  • Benefit’s Gimme Brow volumising Eyebrow gel, £20: Recently Benefit have expanded their eyebrow collection even further and I ALL for it! This product is probably the one I would be most likely to purchase because I LOVE a good eyebrow gel and they’re the main eyebrow product I use. I love the silver packaging and I love that it makes your brows look fuller with such an easy applicator!
  • Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Sheer Lavender Pink, £40: I know the Hourglass hype is not as big as it once was but I would still love to try their powders! This one is more of a pinky- highlighter/ blush which is what I’m currently really into if you’ve read my September Favourites 2017. These powders look like the perfect amount of shimmer, they don’t look as blinding as some highlighters, I much prefer the natural glow! I don’t know if I will ever be able to justify £40 for one powder though… so I’m guessing this will be on my lust lists for a VERY long time!
  • Origins Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores, £25: Technically this isn’t a beauty item BUT I still think it’s a luxury item! I usually use LUSH face masks or I’m currently using one from The Body Shop- so using a £25 face mask would be quite the step up! This definitely isn’t a new product but I’ve been really thinking recently about investing into my skincare a bit more and this seems like a good place to start! Charcoal is supposed to really help spotty skin, so I think it would be a good idea for me to give this a try!
  • Bare Mineral’s Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel, £22: Similar to the face mask I’m looking to try to focus on the pre-make up steps at the moment! So when I was having a browse for a good primer I knew this was the one AND I’m pretty close to buying this one tbh! I just LOVE the whole concept and I’ve never really used a good primer, or even overly thought about it. I love bare minerals and already use their tinted moisturiser so think they would work nicely together!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I LOVED writing it… this list is probably top of my most wanted right now. I just love the look of it all but my bank balance says otherwise! Let me know what products you’d love to buy right now in the comments.

Happy shopping!




Top 5 Favourite Blushes

Happy Monday!

Blush is up there with concealer as my FAVE make-up product. When I watch beauty gurus a lot of them seem to miss out blusher and are all about the contour/ bronze but I can’t help but love that rosy glow. I think that blush is an all year round product and even more so in Autumn/ Winter when we’re all looking less bronzed and a little more pink from the cold! Another reason I love blush is because I am naturally very rosy-cheeked (as my blog name suggests!) so I like to use a blush to enhance my natural glow in a more subtle way. I haven’t gone for any particular order but here are 5 of my favourite blushes:

  • Benefit’s Rockateur Blush, £24.50: This blush is quite a different shade to the others on here but I LOVE it. It is more of a mauve-y, plum-like pink shade instead of the standard blush shade. I tend to reach for this more in the winter months when my cheeks flush a slightly darker pink and it has a nice sheen to it- making it perfect for parties! When I first saw it I thought it looked a little daring in the pan but once it’s on the cheeks it really blends seamlessly and ties together most make-up looks!
  • Benefit’s Dandelion Blush, £24.50: I’ve spoken about this blush before on my blog because I wore this ALL the time in Spring. It is a very pale pink that just gives  a light flush to the cheeks. It’s probably the most natural one on this list and compliments very pale skin tones. It’s cute little packaging makes it perfect for on the go and it would be great for a subtle look for school or work.
  • Sleek Make-up’s Blush in Rose Gold, £4.99: This use to be a big hit on youtube which is why I initially bought it and I think they were right! This shade is a pretty mid-pink with a gold sheen, and can be quite glittery if you build it up. It comes in nice compact packaging and for the price I would definitely recommend giving this a go because it will be perfect for Christmas parties!
  • Tanya Burr’s Chasing the Sun Peonies Illuminating Powder, £7.49: I know this is a little soon since I only purchased it last month and have spoken about it in my September Favourites 2017. BUT I think it is definitely worthy of a top 5 spot. This is the best option if you’re looking for a highlighter/ blush combo because this one really adds some GLOW. It can be pretty bold and is really suitable for all the seasons.
  • Bourjois Aqua Blush in Pink Twice, £8.99: This product doesn’t seem to be available in Boots anymore but I think you might be able to get it on Amazon or Feel Unique. I wanted to talk about it anyway because it appears to be an underrated product and it might encourage you to try a cream/ liquid blush! It comes with a pump and has a mousse-y gel texture… nicer than it sounds. I use a stippling brush to blend it into the cheeks and it gives a really natural rosy sheen to the cheeks! I’ll definitely be trying some other cream blushes to see how they compare to this one!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it has given you some blush-inspo for the upcoming seasons! It can add a really pretty touch to your make-up and with a light hand can look so cute. There are lots of options too, obviously mine are all quite pink-toned, but you can go for a darker shade, peach or even red! If you’re thinking the Benefit ones look expensive (they’ve gone up in price!) I would recommend buying the cheek gift sets over Christmas which is how I tried them out or you can buy the mini versions in Boots!

Let me know your thoughts on blush below and leave any recommendations- I don’t think you can ever have enough blush!



Anti Haul: Make-up I won’t be buying

Happy Monday!

I wanted to start the week with an ‘Anti Haul’ to share what make-up I won’t be buying which is something I’ve seen a few other people do and wanted to give it a go. I enjoyed reading other people’s posts and watching these types of videos because I’m nosy and it can then influence my own shopping list! It’s a good way for me to fulfil my spending desires without actually having to put my card details in too haha! Obviously I haven’t tried any of these things (duh!) so I don’t know if these products are actually good… so just thought I’d say that before we get started incase you love some of these products! I’ve put the price in the US dollars if that’s where they’re originally shipped from and then the current exchange into GBP which is true for when I’m writing this. ANYWAY, here are some make-up products that I won’t be buying:

  • Maybelline Baby Balm and Blush, £5.99: I know people don’t usually include drugstore products in these BUT I just think these products are a bit weird. They come in some odd shades too like bright red which I can imagine would not be a good look for me. I get that they’re trying to progress the ‘Baby lips’ line but I think the balms are lovely so I would much rather buy a balm and then a separate blush- there are SO many pretty blushes! Maybe I’m wrong with this one but I just don’t think I would have the need to match my blush and lips so perfectly!
  • KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kits, $52/ £38.81: Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the Kardashians but I just think the shades in this are a bit off! I have pale, rosy skin so I just think the grey-toned contour shades would make me look a bit ill. Obviously there are lots of other skin tones which might suit this better but I think for me there are better suited options available. Another problem is the huge shipping costs to the UK and custom fees which, along with the palette, will just send the price of this through the roof. Overall I just don’t think the product is worth all the hassle and money when the only thing that looks appealing about it is that it’s by Kim… and maybe the highlighters but there have to be some cheaper alternatives available!
  • Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette, $32/ £23.88: Some of Kat Von D’s palettes look really pretty, especially the more natural shades, but this one I just don’t really understand! It comes with 4 very pale shimmery shades including a very light green, blue, purple and pink. I never wear ANY of those shades and can’t imagine I’ll ever want a pale, glittery snot coloured green?! Maybe there are people who can pull these colours off regularly but I don’t think I even want to be one of those people haha! I mean the packaging is pretty but I don’t think a triangle-shaped palette is the most practical either.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, $32.15/ £24: I’ve been looking at eyeshadow palettes a fair bit recently because I was thinking about buying one for the Autumn. This one is ALL mattes and has 6 shades that are very bland as they go from cream to grey/ brown and then has a black. I’m sure there are people who use these kinds of shades for a base of something, but when I was looking for a palette I pretty much immediately ruled it out. I wish Urban Decay did a ‘basics’ palette with all their most popular shades, including some of their shimmers because choosing between the larger palettes is proving difficult!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I know it’s a little bit different! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and think I’m being a bit harsh haha- I’d like to know what they’re REALLY like and not just my initial thoughts.

See you for a new post on Thursday,


Basic Girls Guide to… Curly Haircare

Today’s post is discussing ALL things curly, frizzy haircare… A department I have a fair amount of experience with due to my own unruly mane. I am not saying that these products are THE best ever but out of the ones I’ve tried this is what works BEST for me. Unfortunately, hair (especially of the curly kind!) is very unpredictable and even some days these products cannot guarantee a good hair day for me. I’ll be sharing my favourite shampoo, conditioner and a couple of tips&tricks that I’ve learnt over the years BUT this post is also a bit of a request for other curly hair products like a serum or oil… which I will be discussing more at the end! I hope you enjoy reading:

Current Favourite Shampoo: Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo, £4.19 I haven’t been using for ages but I know this is a goldie already! It REALLY adds moisture AND allows me to wash my hair less frequently… thank goodness! Washing curly hair too much can strip it of what little moisture it has and it’s just a chore so this shampoo is a REAL winner for me. I think this product will be a winner even if you don’t have curly hair because it’s all about the moisture not necessarily fighting frizz.

Current Favourite Conditioner: Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Curly Locks Conditioner, £4.00 I’m not sure how widely available this is because I get it from Sainsbury’s and haven’t seen it anywhere else which is a shame because I LOVE it! It is one I always go back to after trying other ones out. The main thing I want to achieve with conditioner is defined, frizz-free curls and this product pretty much does exactly that! It is very creamy so it doesn’t dry out my hair either and I love that the results last until the next wash- with some conditioners my hair is a frizzy mess by day two!

Other haircare options: 

  • Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo, £3: This shampoo is a good option even if your hair isn’t curly! It strengthens your hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. It smells like honey too, which I love.
  • Umberto Giannini Curl Care Enhancing Conditioner, £6: I weirdly didn’t love the shampoo version of this because it made my hair really greasy BUT the conditioner is A LOT better. It focuses on defining curls and it does that tbf, my hair looks more curly than frizzy after using it. The reason this is not a favourite is the practical packaging which is difficult to conditioner out of because it doesn’t have squeeze well or stand upside down AND it smells of boys… I LOVE the smell of boys but I just don’t really want MY hair to have that scent!

Curly/ Frizzy Hair Tips and Tricks: 

  • I would suggest buying a clear spray bottle and just filling it with water to instantly nourish your hair both on the go and in the morning! I know it’s only water but it can change frizz instantly if you give your hair a spritz and scrunch.
  • Try to leave your hair alone as much as possible when it is drying to reduce frizz! Towel drying then leaving it naturally to dry is probably the best solution and touching it less means it can go longer between washes without looking greasy.
  • Once a week to a fortnight leave your conditioner on for HOURS like as long as you can, even overnight then wash it off. It works a TREAT and is just like a hair mask really! When you do this regularly you start to really notice the difference and I would 10/10 recommend trying this.
  • Don’t brush your hair too much because it just brushes out the curls and makes it SO frizzy. I tend to take a tangle teezer through my hair before I wash my hair and then just use a wide-tooth comb to style it daily. It might sound a bit weird to straight-haired people BUT it’s really needed. I think this is best way to maintain curls that I’ve found… sometimes you just have to live with the tangles!

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration on how to cope with that curly hair life. For me the main difficultly is getting my curls to outweigh the frizz and finding the balance because the frizz does add volume so I like a bit of it… it’s a struggle! Something the hairdressers always say is that I need to use lots of products on curly, dry hair BUT I have never found anything good enough. Everything seems to make my curls crispy or flat… it’s SO annoying. So if you have any hair serum, oil or ANYTHING to recommend please put them below!

Thank you for reading,


Summer Essentials

Happy Friday!

We are well and truly into summer now (supposedly!) so I wanted to share a couple of my ‘essentials’/ favourite things for this time of the year. If you enjoy these types of posts then definitely check out my Spring Essentials and Holiday Essentials to hear about a few other bits and pieces that have become essentials for me. Today’s post includes a bit of everything from body care to clothing so I hope you enjoy it, here they are:

  • Jewellery: Obviously you can get through summer without jewellery BUT it might not be as instagrammable! My FAVE piece of summer jewellery is anklets because I don’t really get to show off my ankles any other time of the year! Accessorize do really nice ones or if you’re feeling creative you can make some cute ones like friendship bracelets! Other pretty jewellery that I think gets to shine in the summer is necklaces, either a little dainty one with a bardot top or a statement necklace with a plain dress for the evenings! Summer is definitely the perfect time to get into jewellery!
  • Sandals: One of my favourite summer fashion items is the sandals, the couple of months a year where we can show of our perfect pedicures! I love a whole LOAD of sandals and mainly get mine from New Look because they have a large range and the pricing is usually pretty good. My favourite coloured sandals is probably tan because it isn’t as harsh as black ones against my pale skin and I think the brown ones go with any outfit.
  • Vaseline: You might be thinking this is a bit of an odd one… and you’d be right! BUT give it a chance. In the summer I use Vaseline on my eyelashes before I go to sleep because it really helps condition them and just improve their appearance. Obviously you can do this all year round but I mainly do this during summer because I can’t really bare mascara when it’s warm! I like to keep my lips moisturised too but use a lip balm for that- I think that these little things help me feel a little better about wearing less make-up in the summer… mainly because it sweats right off.
  • Body Mists: Smelling good should ALWAYS be a priority and even more so in summer. I’m currently using the PINK body mists and have been for a while because they are so difficult to finish! I use to love the Hollister ones but they discontinued my favourite scent… I am still a bit gutted about this. I LOVE a nice fruity, floral mist in the summer and these scents usually end up reminding you of summer memories, which I love!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this post and it has maybe reminded you of a couple of essentials you might have forgotten about this summer. I do use most of these products throughout the year but they definitely get used A LOT more throughout the warmer months.

Enjoy the sun,


August: Collective Haul

Happy Monday!

After a bit of retail therapy throughout the month I thought I would post my first haul post! These are probably my favourite posts to read BUT for the sake of my bank account I’m going to limit my own ‘haul-ing’ to maximum once a month! Another thing that I want to do with my hauls is have a follow up post with maybe one or two products because despite my LOVE for hauls sometimes you never hear their further thoughts- so in the following weeks definitely come back for more on these products! Here’s a bit of what I’ve been buying this month:

  • Boot’s Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand, £4.49: If you’ve read my Blushing about… Skincare post then you’ll know I have oily, spot-prone skin and was trying a Body Shop oil to target my blemishes. I used it for a few months but haven’t seen significant results from that specific product (I still like other products from that skincare routine!) so decided to give this a go! I’ve used this range from Boots in the past but then turned to The Body Shop, hopefully this dual-ended wand will make my skin smooth!
  • Boot’s Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Pore and Facial Strips: I can’t help but LOVE seeing people peel off nose strips… bit gross I know so wanted to have a go myself! I think they can give more noticeable results than face masks too. Hopefully this will work with the spot wand to help me feel better with my skin whilst not drying it out too much.
  • LUSH R&B Hair Moisturiser, £11.95: I’ve wanted to look try some LUSH haircare for a while and with the humidity I thought now is as good a time as ever! This product is designed to hopefully fight my frizz whilst enhancing my curls. I don’t love the smell but I don’t mind that AT ALL if it works.
  • Maybelline Superstay 7 Day Nails in Nude Rose, £4.49: As you might have seen in my Basic Girls Guide to: Nails I am VERY Barry M focused when it comes to nails but recently I’ve found that the shade range doesn’t always have what I’m looking for. I still love them but I wanted more nude-y, sophisticated and subtle colours so I had a look at other brands and found this one which is a perfect pinky colour.
  • Maybelline Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat, £5.99: I have been using the Barry M Plumpy top coat for a while but it’s started to go VERY gloopy and made bubbles on my nails! So I wanted to give a new one a try which hopefully will have more longevity.

This month I’ve tried to resist much make-up purchases just because I’ve been fairly satisfied with the products I have and wanted to focus on trying to target other areas like my spots- which hopefully in turn will help my make-up sit more smoothly! I hope this has provided some inspiration for your shopping list… although I’m sure you don’t need any haha!

Comment below your favourite purchase this month!


Summer Drugstore 5 Product Face

Happy Monday!

I’m going to start the week by sharing 5 pieces of make-up that together create a really, REALLY minimal look which will be perfect for a nice summer picnic, lazy days or just when it is TOO hot! Most of the time this ‘5 product face’ is my go-to because even though I LOVE buying make-up and reading ALL the reviews, watching videos etc. I’m not as adventurous as I would like to be. Also most days I tend to choose sleep over full on glam so these 5 products I turn to when I’m already running late during the summer months… Here they are:

  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer, £7.99: I tend to choose this concealer in the summer because it is quite light, easy to blend and brightening. It helps give a healthy boost to the skin, instead of caking up! For most of the year I tend just to use it under my eyes but in summer I use it pretty much everywhere because  it is so lightweight and gives a natural finish.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 002 Pink Blossom, £3.99:  Powder is essential for me because I GLOW and not in a good way… more like a hot mess kind of way. So this really is necessary and it’s honestly the only one I’ve tried! It adds a hint of colour whilst blending seamlessly with the concealer to give me a comfortable amount of coverage and most importantly it keeps me matte… well it gives it a good try!
  • Rimmel Brow this Way Gel in Clear, £3.99: I’ve talked about this already quite a bit BUT I would 10/10 recommend in a minimal look especially! It just makes it look like I’ve made an effort with my brows when I completely haven’t- which it what I try to achieve with the whole look!
  • Seventeen Bronze Shimmer Brick: Unfortunately, I think this has been discontinued so you could replace this step with any other bronzer! I think that this adds some colour to your face and I use it REALLY lightly mainly around my forehead and slightly on the cheekbones. I know that Rimmel have bought out a similar product recently, Revlon and Soap& Glory also have ones so it might be worth trying them out to create a similar shimmery bronzed look.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, £7.99: This balm REALLY works for summer because of the moisturising formula which ends up drying into a stain to give your lips a lovely healthy look. This is a nude-y pinky shade which is very flattering and can be built up to create a slightly more bolder lip.

Hopefully these products have given you some inspiration for when you want some make-up but quickly and naturally! You can either use these products as a base for a more striking look by adding mascara or contour, and it can be adapted for different times of the year by changing the lip colour or swapping the bronzer for blush- so it is  very versatile look!

Let me know if you have any bronzer recommendations as mine has been discontinued and your favourite go-to product for if you’re in a rush!



Beauty Products I Regret Buying

Happy Monday!

I LOVE reading and watching people’s ‘Products I Regret Buying’ and ‘YouTube Made Me Buy It’ posts, so I thought I would share some of the products that I will not be buying again. Blogs and YouTube are obviously all about sharing the good products but I think it can be just as worthwhile seeing what to steer clear of too. I’ve already posted a Hits and Misses: Concealer Edition and a Hits and Misses: Mascara Edition which you can check out to see what concealers and mascara’s I regret buying. Here I am going to share some other beauty bits that I wouldn’t re-purchase/ shouldn’t have bought the first time:

  • Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara, £5.90: I know some people have really liked this product, but it made my eyebrows all crispy! The wand shape was really strange because it is really rounded and I just don’t think that worked on my brows. The colour also seemed to clump on some of my brow hairs so there was an uneven distribution- which I think was because of the weird brush shape! It just simply didn’t work for me and I much prefer the Rimmel Brow This Way Gel, which I now use in clear because this Maybelline one really put me off using coloured brow gels in the future.
  • KIKO Kiss Balms: I couldn’t find these on the website now BUT there are some lip balms that look suspiciously similar just in different packaging- I haven’t tried them though so I can’t comment. However, I’ve tried multiple Kiss Balms when I was younger I was really drawn in by the cute name and packaging. They were very strange though because they are so oily, like after one use the stick would go down SO much- I could have used to0 much but you needed to in order to build up the colour. They did contain A LOT of glitter, not just shimmer, which was the look I was more into (lol) but this was one of the reasons I got rid of ALL of these and would definitely not recommend them… unless glittery, oily lips are your thing.
  • Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Copper, £7.99: Now this cream shade is not THE worst, but it just didn’t do much and for almost £8 at the drugstore I expected a lot more. I bought this after loving the Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo’s and was on a real cream shadow hype, but this wasn’t half as good. It’s a lot more of a gel consistency which kind of creased more on my eyelids and although it blended well, it tended to blend into quite a sheer colour which was not what I expected. Sometimes on a really natural day I pop this on but very rarely and I think I could have spent my money better elsewhere and stuck with the Maybelline ones.
  • Bourgeois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Happy Nude Year’, £8.99: I really wanted to love these and would like to try the Aqua ones, but the matte ones were not enjoyable. They really wore off in a weird way that made my lips looks so strange, they created the white line thing- I don’t know if other people get this with matte liquid lipsticks?! Basically, it is not a good look- 10/10 do not recommend. If you are more use to the feeling of wearing this type of lip product you might enjoy these but for someone pretty new to this, it was not an enjoyable experience.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, obviously these products might work differently on you and I am CLEARLY not an expert so it could just be me using them wrong!

See you for another post on Wednesday at 10am,


Hits and Misses: Concealer Edition

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is about EVERYTHING concealer. I don’t know why I have a thing for concealer but it’s definitely one of my favourite beauty products. I think it’s one of the single products that can instantly change your face and make it look like I’ve made an effort. I’ve included 5 that I’ve tried that really stand out to me as either a successful hit or more of an ineffective miss. There are some other concealers that I’ve given a try that I didn’t feel particularly passionate about either way, like Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up’ I feel like that’s a bit in-between. So here are 5 concealers that I think REALLY fit each category:

Concealer Hits:

  • Collection Lasting Perfection, £4.19: Don’t worry I won’t bore you with more talk about this product because there is probably not much to say about it that you haven’t heard before. Just know that I think it’s worth the hype and I find it to be best at covering spots, bit cake-y for me under my eyes. Like an annoying ex, I can’t help but always go back to this one.
  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal, £7.99: I love this, the packaging is SO cute as well… not that it’s super necessary but just fyi. Great for under the eyes because it brightens but isn’t too thick that it creases. One of the few products I’ve found that literally gives an instant lift under the eyes and I really don’t see myself looking for a new brightening concealer for a long time, it’s become a staple for me.
  • Seventeen Stay Time, £4.49: I’ve not seen a lot of people talking about this product but it was one of the first concealers I bought and I really liked it! If I’m being honest I do use the Collection concealer much more BUT I wanted to include this one to give people an alternative, which is of a very similar quality. The main difference I found is it is less coverage than the ‘Lasting Perfection’, so this could be the perfect one if you don’t have many blemishes or are a bit wary of a potentially cake-y look.

Concealer Misses:

  • Maybelline Eraser Eye, £8.99: Potentially a bit of a controversial one… I’m crazy like that. The main reason this is a ‘miss’ for me is the shading! It is SO orange. I am very pinky-toned… like my blog name suggests, so it looks awful on me and by the time I’ve blended it enough to match my skin tone the coverage seems to completely disappear. So you’re probably thinking I bought the wrong shade BUT there are only 5 options in the UK and I went for the shade ‘light’, because I’m pale, so there really was limited choice and I just simply think this product does not do my shade. I bought this a while ago when I think there were about 3 Shades so maybe the new ones will be more suitable for me. The formula probably has potential and I don’t mind the weird sponge applicator, it is literally the sheer orange-ness to it which does absolutely nothing for me.
  • Maybelline Cover Stick, £3.99: I don’t know if people are still into this concealer, but I used it before and really hated it. Just completely cake central on all my spots. It didn’t even conceal, it just made it SO obvious that I had tried to hide my spots but completely failed. It is thick, cake-y and made me agree to never stray from creamier liquid concealer again.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and it has given some inspiration for your shopping list this weekend! What are your favourite concealers, as you can see I’m always in the mood to try new concealers, so would love your recommendations. 

Have a lovely weekend,


Summer Luxury Lust List

Another day, another Lust List post… I just can’t help myself at the moment! Last week I did my Summer Drugstore Lust List so it’s only fair that I get to share a higher end one too. I find with the more luxurious ones the products stay on the list for A LOT longer, so they can get quite long and include more staple products that I’ve never had the chance to use. Here are a couple of the new additions this Summer:

  • Urban Decay’s The Heat Palette, £39.50: This new release looks LOVELY with a really nice mix of mattes and shimmers! Usually when I see this palettes there seems to be random colours, but this one seems to have the most wearable shades for a less adventurous eyeshadow wearer like myself. They’re all very amber-y with deep pinks, browns and oranges (it looks nicer than it sounds!).
  • Kylie Cosmetic’s Vacation Collection: I feel like every single new release Kylie does I’m really drawn in by… I think it’s the snapchats of all the products that really get me into it! In this collection the main products I would love to try are the ‘Send me Nudes’ Velvet Lips, the Ultra powder highlighters and either the contour kit or the ‘Wet Set’ of highlighters. Everything looks really glow-y and summery, I just don’t know if that level of glow would suit my tomato skin tone during the rainy British Summer… but a girl can dream haha.
  •  Benefit Box O’Powders Cheek Parade Palette, £49.50: I’ve already used a few Benefit powders because I got a similar set for Christmas a few years ago. BUT that has not stopped my lusting after this one. This new set comes with ‘GALifornia’ and the ‘Hoola Lite’ which I haven’t tried, they look SO lovely and like they would suit my pale complexion. I already know I love some of the other powders in this collection… so maybe this one will make it off the list and into my collection.
  • NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm, £23.00: I’m really having a thing for blusher at the moment and this is a ‘cult’ blush straight away. I love creamy, liquid blush because it is so natural and lovely to apply! The packaging for this is SO classy as well, so it would look fancy too. I’d consider trying the ‘Multiple’ stick too but when I saw the liquid one I thought it really is something different and a bit more unique.
  • Tom Ford Double Decked Eyeshadow, £48.00: The price of this is just crazy BUT it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. It has a cream shadow and a matching really shimmery powdery one too. I’ve seen it on YouTube, it looks just divine and is a really, really good innovative idea… unless there is something like this! I think this will be a lifelong list item though because it SOOO much money for an eyeshadow, like my Mum would probably faint if I told her about the price of this haha.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration or just helped you indulge in all this luxurious make-up without having to spend so much money. I see these like little therapy sessions and then I try and move on… until the next season comes around!

Comment below what products are on you Luxury Make-up Lust List and if you’ve tried any of the products on mine!