How to have the ULTIMATE Throwback Thursday

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Today’s post is a little bit of a different one but it’s just something I felt like sharing. Sometimes when life gets a bit full-on or I’m feeling WAY too much like a ‘grown-up’ with actual problems I do an ‘ULTIMATE throwback’ day… not always on a Thursday! It’s a nice way to reflect on your favourite memories and realise just how lovely life has been. They are the perfect things to do when you need a little self-care, a pick-me-up or are looking for something a little different with your friends!

Basically a ‘throwback’ day is just taking time to do things the younger you LOVED doing and just not caring about your current situation. It can be something small lasting just an afternoon or you can go the whole hog and have a whole throwback weekend. I started doing these a couple of years ago before my birthday, when I just did not want to turn 18.  So here are a couple of ideas of ways to have a good throwback and reminisce:

  • ALL the songs: You could go really simple and just make a ‘throwback’ playlist to listen to on a drive or your commute. You’re going to need to dig deep to find some of your favourite old tracks though! I suggest looking on youtube and just keep clicking on the ‘recommendation’ videos to find some of those treasures. Another good way to find those feel-good tunes is looking back on the ‘Now that’s what I call music’ albums on Apple Music or Spotify! Personal favourites for me include JLS, S Club 7 and McFly…. all of these are absolute CLASSICS.
  • Old school movies: Probably my favourite of ALL the throwbacks is having a High School Musical marathon- I will NEVER tire of those films, ever. Just putting on a film that use to be your ride or die will instantly make you feel better! Other options include the Hannah Montana movie or classics like ‘She’s the Man’. Obviously if you want to throw it back even further then go for some Disney movies like Cinderella or The Lion King. Hakuna Matata
  • Actually DOING something you loved: Now this one might take a little more planning but I think it’s SUPER fun, especially taking your friends somewhere you used to love or going back with family. My favourite place for a proper throwback is the zoo, I was obsessed with the zoo and ALL the animals… I still am tbh! There are so many places to go though like an amusement park, the park or the arcades- those Mario kart driving games were GREAT! You could even just play Mario Kart on the wii, or dig out your favourite old console or play sims or colour in a picture… the possibilities are endless! I find doing something like this really helps ease any worries because it takes me back to a time when my main worry was what time Hannah Montana started.
  • Eating THAT food: Do you have any food that just the smell takes you back to your childhood? Well, eat it whilst watching ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and you are sorted. For me, it’s tangy cheese Doritos I loved them so much my parents made me genuinely worried that I would turn orange… so I very rarely eat them now haha! I use to have odd tastes like a crisp sandwich too- eating any of these makes for a perfect, no worries ‘throwback’ session.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post- I know it’s a little different to the usual but I thought it would be a nice way to share some different ways to relax! I’ve read lots of great posts about taking time for yourself and I think that you this is a fun and creative way to do that.

Let me know what ‘throwback’ things you love doing and you loved any of things I mentioned, I’d love to know some of these things weren’t only me haha!



Autumn Essentials: Clothing and Homeware

Happy Monday!

Autumn is the season A LOT of people look forward too and after the summer months I do too! I’m not completely autumn crazy, I’m more of a winter girl but it’s the closest we’re going to get for now. Now that it’s October the leaves are well and truly turning brown, so I thought it was about time I shared a few essential things to make your Autumn as cosy as possible. I’ve split these essentials into two parts with the first focusing on clothing and homeware and the second focusing on general beauty bits! So here they are:

  • Cosy Jumpers: Probably my FAVOURITE clothing of the entire year is an over-sized piece of knitwear and Autumn is the perfect time to start wearing them! So far this Autumn I’ve found jumpers in New Look and Next that I am loving. My favourite jumpers tend to be burgundy or a dark grey which seem to be quite in this year again which is good news! I think these lovely jumpers with some black jeans aren’t only comfy but I think they make a pretty outfit too.
  • Vest tops: I don’t know if this is an odd choice BUT stay with me here. I go for vest tops in Autumn because it isn’t cold enough for a jumper AND a coat but I’d be too cold in just a jumper SO I tend to layer up with a vest top… British weather really takes  a lot of outfit thinking! You don’t just have to go for a plain black one though, I think it’s a nice way to add a little bit of colour! My most used one at the moment is probably my dusky pink one or the navy one which goes nicely with denim jeans. You can get these tops in most places I usually go for New Look, Dorothy Perkins or just the supermarket!
  • Candles and Reed Diffusers: I’ve put these together because generally you just need something to make your room smell nice, simple. A reed diffuser is a good option if you’re a bit forgetful with candles and you don’t even have to think about them but they keep your room smelling good for around a month- if you get a good one! This is prime time to purchase these things because all the new scents are coming out in time for Christmas. My favourites are from Zoella’s Lifestyle range but you can get good candles and reed diffusers from LOADS of places with my other go-to options being Sainsbury’s, Next and Boots but I’ve heard Primark have some good ones too for a cheaper alternative!
  • Cute Mugs: Okay so technically you can make it through Autumn without of these… but it won’t be as cute, okay? I LOVE big cuppa tea and Autumn/ Winter is the best time for it. I recommend going for a mug almost as large as your head, that’s the best place to start. My favourites are from the Disney Store but it’s really a personal thing… there are SO many options! Even if you don’t drink hot drinks a lovely mug is great to store your make-up brushes- this will make your room look very cosy for Autumn too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that they help you have the cosiest Autumn EVER! I love this time of the year up to Christmas and these little essentials definitely are some of the reasons why I find it so lovely. Don’t forget to come back next Monday at 11am to see my beauty essentials for Autumn, but I do still have another post on Thursday!

Let me know if you think there is an Autumn essential you think I’ve missed!


What’s in my Uni Bag

Hello, I hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Today’s post is an oldie but a goldie… or at least I think so! These are DEFINITELY up there with some of my favourite videos to watch and posts to read. I’ve never done one myself before, so I’m hoping I can live up to some of the favourites I’ve seen over the years. If you’re reading this and you go to uni then you might enjoy my Uni: Unusual Essentials or this post Tips for Bedroom Decorating! I’m about to start my second week of second year AND I commute which is probably why it might seem like I have quite a bit of stuff! I’ve not included my stationery because I’ve posted about that already which you can see here: Stationery and Superdrug Haul. Here we go:

Accessorize Quentin Shoulder Bag in Burgundy, £40: Picking my bag for the year was TOUGH probably because I over-thought about it… I just couldn’t pick the colour! I love this style though and when I saw it I knew it was perfect because it is big but not huge and has two strap options. It has a few zip pockets, then a large core with a button to keep it all together. It fits everything I need in and the colour is very Christmassy… which is my main reason for choosing it!

FullSizeRender.jpgPictured above: This is my uni bag of choice!

Cosmetics Bag: I find a little bag like this is perfect for collecting all my junk that would usually be all over the bottom of my bag. I keep my portable charger in here which I got from Amazon and the wire I need to connect it to my phone. I keep some lip balm, tissues, paracetamol, a mini body spray and hair scrunchies in there too… like a little emergency kit!

Then I keep a large water bottle in there because although I’m only in uni for 3 days a week, they are LONG days so I end up going through this pretty quickly. I would suggest taking a little emergency purse that keeps some spare change in there which you could use for bus fare or something! I take this small purse and my card holder because I use that all the time, I have mine from Ted Baker but lots of different shops are selling them now. Another essential is headphones which if you have a iPhone 7 then be careful about the ones you take- make sure they fit your phone AND laptop. Oh and a laptop could be crucial for filling  up time in-between lectures too which I take in a case from Cath Kidston but Amazon have lots of options too. Some days I take my Kindle or I just try to read a book from my course- if you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of a Kindle you should read this Kindle Paperwhite: Is it worth it?

I hope you enjoyed reading about the different things I take to uni with me! I take some food too but thought that wasn’t exciting enough to include and it changes daily. Hopefully it reminded you about a couple of things you might have forgotten and most of these things would apply to a work bag too.

Let me know if there is anything you think I’m missing! 


Stationery and Superdrug Haul


I LOVE reading and watching people talk about their recent purchases BUT in an attempt to save my bank account I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum on my blog. So this is a collection of the things I’ve bought throughout September which mainly consists on stationery with a couple of beauty bits… I couldn’t help myself especially with the 3 for 2 offer on in Superdrug! Anyway I’ll start with a few of the stationery pieces I’ve bought before the start of my second year at uni:

  • Patterned Popper Wallets: I LOVE these as a stationery item in general, usually they are completely overlooked though! I use these to carry the random bits of paper around that I end up collecting throughout the day to stop them getting lost in my bag. If you use folders then you can also get popper wallets with holes in and I would definitely recommend grabbing some of those for when you can’t find your hole punch! I picked up a pack of 3 pink and orange striped ones from WHSmiths and think they’re really cute… and practical obviously!
  • Academic Diary: I picked up my diary this year from WHSmith- I usually look in Paperchase but I think they had a limited choice because I was a little late in buying this year! The one I have has a lace design on the front with a pastel blue and pink pattern with some white on. I like the simplicity of the diary which contains pages to write your timetable, deadlines and annual overviews whilst having sections to write in everyday.
  • Notebook and Pens: I know these are kind of the boring things to buy so I’ve kind of lumped them all together. I use a large notebook to write my lecture notes and then have a smaller notebook to write about essay feedback, deadlines and to keep notes from meetings with my tutor etc. Then pen-wise I ALWAYS go for the BIC ballpoint pens in blue… controversial I know but my reasoning is that black just looks too legit whereas a nice blue seems less serious! Then I picked up some coloured BIC pens too just to add some colour to my notes- they do a pack of 4 which has both pink and purple in which is all I’m really looking for anyway!


  • Tanya Burr’s Chasing the Sun Peonies Illuminating Powder, £7.49: I’ve not really gone for a product like this before but after hearing such great reviews I thought I would try it. I’m much more of a blusher than bronzer girl, so I’m pretty sure this is going to be a product I’ll really like!
  • L’Oreal Infallible Nudist Eyeshadow in Nudist, £5.99: This eyeshadow definitely intrigued me because of its mousse-like consistency that still sets like a powder. The ‘Nudist’ shade is a kind of like a bronze but a bit more matte. I’m hoping it will be a nice everyday product that doesn’t require much work to create a natural eye look.
  • Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Rosewood 833, £7.99: I’ve had my eye on this lipstick for AGES and not just because of the shade name! It’s a deep nude-pink mauve colour with a slight sheen to it… it’s nicer than it sounds! I love the gold packaging and am looking forward to trying out more lipsticks because I’ve been sticking to  my favourite KIKO one for years- but I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued… which I am still in denial about.  
  • Maybelline Forever Strong Gel 130 Rose Poudre Nail Polish, £4.49: In my August Favourites 2017 I mentioned another shade from this collection that I really love, so I wanted to try another one! This collection consists of some classy nude nail polishes which are completely different to my usual colour choices! I would definitely suggest looking at Maybelline polishes if you’re looking for more subtle shades that are still opaque and glossy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about a few of my purchases from September and that it has given you some shopping inspo. for October! I’ll be sure to mention some of these beauty purchases in upcoming posts so keep an eye on my blog to see what I think of them.

Comment below any make-up products you think I should add to my shopping list for October… not that I need much encouraging, haha!

See you on Thursday for my monthly favourites,


Uni: Surviving your First Year

Happy Monday,

For some of you this might have been a very daunting weekend with many students moving away from home for the first time and starting university! SO I’m going to try to give share some tips on how to get through this first year. I’m just about to start my second year so these are taken from personal experience, so they have been tried and tested! This will be the final instalment of my trilogy of uni-related posts including my Uni: Unusual Essentials and more general Uni: Advice. These tips are aimed at Freshers but obviously can still be applied to later years in your studies. Here we go:

  • Make your room homely: This will keep you busy for your first few days at uni and if you take the time to do it right then it will really help reduce homesickness later on. I mean everyone wants their room to be pinterest-worthy BUT you just really need it to feel like home. I would suggest going for LOADS of pictures of your friends, family and fave celebs, fairy lights and fluffy blankets… that is probably the best place to start. When the buzz of starting uni starts to fade and you begin missing home that’s when your room really becomes your little haven so it is definitely worth spending some time making it special.
  • Try and go for it: The key word in this is ‘try’. If you’re like me who doesn’t drink alcohol and worries about EVERYTHING then just give it a go the best you can… that’s the key advice really. I went to a couple of taster society sessions and didn’t really like them BUT the main thing was I gave it a go! I left my door open when I’d rather lock it and have a nap… and honestly these little things meant that I did make friends, had fun and I wasn’t isolated.
  • Treat yourself: If the ‘trying’ doesn’t go to plan then it is okay to binge watch a new netflix series and have a serious lie-in…after all it’s what students do best! You don’t have to be out socialising 24/7 and you’ll soon realise that everyone needs their space. SO have a bit of a pamper session or eat some Ben and Jerry’s- remember to look after yourself first and the rest will follow.
  • Stay on top of your Work: Lectures are probably the least of your worries but just keep an eye on deadlines and turn up on time then you’ll be absolutely fine! You don’t need to do ALL the extra reading in the first year and you don’t need to ace every essay… just keep everything above 40 and you’ll be wonderful! Some people get really stressed out about work but first year is just about the foundations, so just don’t stress.

I hope these very real tips help make your first year a really enjoyable experience! Obviously the main thing is to have fun, so don’t get too hung up on getting a first or having a spotless kitchen… these things happen! The first year ends up going SO quickly so try to savour every moment- the good and bad because it will all make good stories in the end.



Hello September!


Autumn is now upon us and I couldn’t be happier to put away those kimonos, sandals and coral nail polishes for another year! I’ve already shared that I am much more of a winter gal (well Christmas in particular!) so I’m looking forward for this time of the year!

For today’s post I just wanted to have a chat and a little blog update! I’ve had a bit of a blogging holiday for a couple of weeks and am ready to get back into writing again. I enjoyed writing more frequently over the summer but the schedule was a little erratic. Some of my favourite posts that I have posted over the last couple of months are my Basic Girls Guide to: Baking YA Summer Reading Recommendations and Travel Make-Up Bag -incase you’re still looking for some summer reading!

Now we are leaving summer behind I am going to attempt to have a more regular uploading schedule- which I thought I would share incase you would like to see future posts. From this week I will aim to upload Mondays and Thursdays at 11am throughout September to November… then if all is going well I will step this up for the month of December because honestly I am Christmas CRAZY! My content will stay focussed on lifestyle and beauty with the occasional ramble-y book or baking post… as always!

Lastly, I did want to share my instagram account which is the only platform that I really promote my blog from at the moment! Obviously the blogging thing is a hobby and way to practice my writing AND I’m still very inexperienced with it so the promo thing is a bit alien to me. My instagram is just a little way of sharing some pictures that relate to posts at the moment, my name on there is simply @alwaysblushingblog and I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out!

Thank you for giving my blog a chance, I genuinely REALLY appreciate anyone who takes the time to follow my blog or read/like/comment on a post!

Comment your blog and instagram below- I’d love to give it a read and a follow!

See you on Thursday,


Summer Essentials

Happy Friday!

We are well and truly into summer now (supposedly!) so I wanted to share a couple of my ‘essentials’/ favourite things for this time of the year. If you enjoy these types of posts then definitely check out my Spring Essentials and Holiday Essentials to hear about a few other bits and pieces that have become essentials for me. Today’s post includes a bit of everything from body care to clothing so I hope you enjoy it, here they are:

  • Jewellery: Obviously you can get through summer without jewellery BUT it might not be as instagrammable! My FAVE piece of summer jewellery is anklets because I don’t really get to show off my ankles any other time of the year! Accessorize do really nice ones or if you’re feeling creative you can make some cute ones like friendship bracelets! Other pretty jewellery that I think gets to shine in the summer is necklaces, either a little dainty one with a bardot top or a statement necklace with a plain dress for the evenings! Summer is definitely the perfect time to get into jewellery!
  • Sandals: One of my favourite summer fashion items is the sandals, the couple of months a year where we can show of our perfect pedicures! I love a whole LOAD of sandals and mainly get mine from New Look because they have a large range and the pricing is usually pretty good. My favourite coloured sandals is probably tan because it isn’t as harsh as black ones against my pale skin and I think the brown ones go with any outfit.
  • Vaseline: You might be thinking this is a bit of an odd one… and you’d be right! BUT give it a chance. In the summer I use Vaseline on my eyelashes before I go to sleep because it really helps condition them and just improve their appearance. Obviously you can do this all year round but I mainly do this during summer because I can’t really bare mascara when it’s warm! I like to keep my lips moisturised too but use a lip balm for that- I think that these little things help me feel a little better about wearing less make-up in the summer… mainly because it sweats right off.
  • Body Mists: Smelling good should ALWAYS be a priority and even more so in summer. I’m currently using the PINK body mists and have been for a while because they are so difficult to finish! I use to love the Hollister ones but they discontinued my favourite scent… I am still a bit gutted about this. I LOVE a nice fruity, floral mist in the summer and these scents usually end up reminding you of summer memories, which I love!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this post and it has maybe reminded you of a couple of essentials you might have forgotten about this summer. I do use most of these products throughout the year but they definitely get used A LOT more throughout the warmer months.

Enjoy the sun,


Kindle Paperwhite: Is it worth it?

Happy Book Lovers day,

I thought it would be fitting for me to talk about my new Kindle Paperwhite, which I have had for about a month now. I was majorly torn about whether to purchase one because I love an actual book, like a physical sniff the pages book. SO I thought this little review/ chat would help anyone looking into buying a Kindle or who just love books and were looking for a couple of recommendations too! I’ve specifically tailored this post towards the Kindle Paperwhite because that’s the one I have but some of these points can be applied to other e-readers.

Advantages of a Kindle Paperwhite

  • It makes it really easy to read at night because it comes with a back light which has made reading in bed 100x easier! The brightness is always adjustable and has a wide range of options, so there really is nowhere that you can’t read it.
  • The best thing about the Kindle is that it can store LOADS of books but is SO tiny! I do have a case on mine which makes it slightly bulkier but generally it is pretty small and cute. It fits into all my bags and allows me to carry loads of books which would be almost impossible if I bought them all as physical paperbacks.
  • A real benefit of having a Kindle, for me, has been that it encourages me to read A LOT more. This is down to a few reasons like the portability of it, the cheapness of the books and the fact that you can’t see how thick the book is! There is also the minutes left in each chapter and the book in the bottom corner (which you can turn off!) so it makes books go really quick!
  • I love the recommendation tool on the Kindle too and without it I wouldn’t have read some of the books that I have! It takes books you’ve read and suggests a large range of similar books and there are so many different tools to help you find a new book.


Disadvantages of a Kindle 

  • The initial cost is probably it’s biggest disadvantage and one that is completely avoidable if you stick with books. The usual cost is £109.99 but I bought it on Amazon Prime Day for £79.99 which was not as bank breaking. It’s still a lot of money BUT the books are cheaper than buying them physically and the prices are generally always being reduced with many titles being just 99p.
  • The fact that they’re not physical books… which I won’t lie does get me sometimes. Just tapping to change the page is a bit weird and the fact that the covers aren’t in colour is a bit strange too but these little things I just have to try and look past. I do miss bookmarks as well! BUT, I am still going to buy some literal books.

Top 3 books I’ve read on my Kindle so far

  • The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr: I’ve already spoken about this in my July Favourites 2017 so I won’t go on BUT I really think is worth the hype! It’s such an interesting book that tackles topics that I’ve not really read about before. It is fast paced and has a nice balance between thrills, romance and character interaction.
  • Lying about Last Summer by Sue Wallman: This is a bit more of a thriller YA that follows a girl on summer camp for bereaved teens. It is definitely not as sweet as the other two books but I really enjoyed it- if you enjoyed ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart I’m pretty sure you will LOVE this.
  • 99 Days by Katie Cotugno: This is probably the most light-hearted out of these three books and is much more of a YA romance. The main character cheated on her boyfriend with his brother and now she has to deal with all the aftermath because her mum wrote a book about it all! It is definitely a chilled summer read that will be a good one for on holiday.

I hope that this post has been helpful or at least interesting about the Kindle and books in general! It’s completely up to you and your reading habits, but just remember having a Kindle doesn’t mean I’m never buying a book again. If you’re unsure like I was then I would suggest waiting until Amazon has some sales, like on Black Friday, to allow you to feel less guilty if the price is holding you back. So I would definitely say don’t rule it out, even though I did for a few years, now it has really helped me get back into reading.

If you have any YA or Chick-Lit suggestions please leave them below, I’m always looking for books to add to my TBR list!

Happy reading,


Basic Girls Guide to: Baking


It’s been a while since I’ve written a lifestyle post, so what better topic to do one on than baking! I think that it is a lovely way to spend your time because it allows you to give to the people around you, whilst improving your own skills and dance around your kitchen. In the summer I tend to have a bit more time, so baking is a great hobby to take up as I spoke about in my Shake up your Summer post. So I’m just going to cover a few different things about baking like a couple of tips, a few products I like to use and a couple of my favourite recipes.

Baking Tips:

  • The first time you bake something REALLY follow the recipe, like exactly. Then once you’ve made it once you can begin adapting it to suit your tastes or your equipment. This will allow you to make your own recipes and develop your own flare, but with a recipe that is guaranteed to work first.
  • Don’t compare your final piece to the one on the blog, video or recipe book you’re following because most of the time it just won’t look the same. DON’T PANIC. They’ve perfected it and found the best lighting and angles… as long as it tastes good try not to get too stressed about presentation, at least at the beginning!
  • Get all the boring bits out the way first. Not every single step of baking is fun but once you get the small boring bits out the way it will definitely get better. I think the boring bits are measuring out the ingredients and lining the tray, so I do these straight away then the rest of the baking goes smoothly.
  • What ever baking disaster happens you can fix it! Honestly, I’m not great at baking I just really enjoy it but I’m CONSTANTLY making mistakes. If it burns then just eat it with ice-cream or cut those bits out, if you accidentally use too much of an ingredient add more of everything else and if you don’t have an ingredient but have already started just use something that looks similar. It won’t completely reverse the problems but if you just carry on you can usually try to cover it up… this a life tip too haha!

Favourite Baking Products:

  • Recipe Book: You can get really pretty books where you can store your own recipes which helps you build your own collection. I think it’s really lovely to develop your own little book of favourites that you can turn to again and again. It will be lovely to use when baking for your own children and to pass down favourites throughout your family.
  • Fancy Equipment: Obviously not a necessity BUT a lovely pastel ceramic baking bowl will make you want to bake. I got one from Dunelm in a baby pink and when I use it I feel like Mary Berry… one of my favourite ladies. Other things that I include under ‘fancy’ equipment are pink silicone utensils and pretty cupcake cases… just little cute things that make you feel professional.

This is the Recipe Book I use to write my recipes in, from Paperchase for £10. I would definitely recommend it as it has a clear and cute layout, including pockets, page dividers and conversion tables.

Favourite Recipes:

I pretty much use Jane’s Patisserie website for new recipes, some of Tanya Burr’s baking videoes or just recipes I already know! Here are a couple of my favourites, they’re all pretty simple and, most importantly, delicious:

  • Malteaser Cake (BBC Good Food)
  • Milk and White Chocolate Cookies (Tanya Bakes)
  • Rolo Cookie Bars (Jane’s Patisserie)
  • Marble Cake with Chocolate icing
  • Scones

FullSizeRender.jpg-1Here is the malteaser cake recipe, that I got online a few years ago, it isn’t a typical ‘cake’ but me and my family LOVE it. It’s probably my ‘signature bake’ and was one of the first to be written into my recipe book.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment any of your favourite recipes below and where you find your recipes, I’m always looking for more baking ideas!

Happy Baking,


YA Summer Reading Recommendations


In my Shake up your Summer post I talked about reading as a hobby that you could consider taking up during the sunnier months. So following on from that I wanted to share a few of the books I enjoyed last Summer, that you should consider trying this year! I’m mainly into YA/ Chick-lit books, so if you’re into a similar genre then you are definitely going to find some gems in here. I’m kind of into fantasy too… well Hunger Games haha so sometimes I look for similar series but haven’t found anything to beat those books yet. Hopefully one of these 3 tickle your fancy:

  • The Sun is Also a Star, Nicola Yoon: I read this REALLY quickly last Autumn, which is unlike me because I can be pretty slow and easily side-tracked, so it MUST be good! The story follows Natasha and Daniel’s story from a variety of perspectives, but it is clear to follow and is such an innovative way of story-telling. ‘Everything Everything’ is one of my favourite books, Nicola’s debut novel, and I would DEFINITELY recommend giving both a go if you haven’t already. \
  • The Red Queen Series, Victoria Aveyard: These books are much more for the fantasy fans, it is very much Hunger Games-esque. There is some magic, romance and I thought the plot was very unpredictable! I’m looking forward to reading more of the series, I think there are 3 out at the moment.
  • The Potion Diaries Series, Amy Alward: I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book because I thought it might be a little bit young BUT I loved it! It is VERY magical, I would say it is more of a teenage fairytale with love. I’m really looking forward to the third one which is out this summer AND a majorly good thing about these books is the really pretty covers.

I think I’m going to leave it with these 3 different options for now because most of my other suggestions are a bit unoriginal! Basically, most of Zoella’s first book club in summer 2016 are worth a read and Giovanna Fletcher’s books are guaranteed to make you fall in love. Other places to look for books are on goodreads, Amazon or YouTube where you can look for a specific genre and look at books similar to your tastes. I’m looking for some new books for this year now, so let me know any of your recommendations below!

Happy reading,